Me and my daughter

Me and my daughter

  • What Gardner boy?

  • Yer man who was invited into the group telling everyone he had an H2, making me out a dickhead giving him a "Big up!!" within the group.., he was a bike dealer and the closest he came to an H2 was when he was handing the keys to the new owner ffs.

  • No way what a egg sucker ,lol

  • Yep.., as another member pointed out, the kind of guy who pretends to be a veteran to get discounts!

  • But he was ejected from this fine group Ninja style!!

  • Tight on him,only joking m8t

  • Its funny because I remember the day I accepted him, a fellow member invited 2 members who were the same person, one was their business ID and the other a personal ID, I guess I should have checked.., when I remember who it was she will be getting a naughty Ninja :-p

  • But its Friday and I cant be arsed.

  • Or me too,it's pissing down here in n,wales

  • Good one