may nag add na po ba ng top box sa avi. papost nmn ng pic pls


may nag add na po ba ng top box sa avi? papost nmn ng pic pls

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  • side boxes with brackets 2700 top box bracket is the backrest turned around then cut and bent down flat then welded 300, top box 850 the indicators are removed because the side boxes have them built in to the lids

  • Sir Graham Ord, if its not that much, i hope you could post a close up pic on how the rear box and its bracket was installed, so we could learn more

  • used the 2 existing bracket bolt holes had to get new bolts 1cm longer had to drill the holes in the sides of the boxes which came with bolts and rubber washers for the boxes.

  • the rear box is bolted to the plate that held the backrest

  • Sir Graham 2700peso? For the pair of side boxes where have you purchase that boxes?

  • i was cruising around and happend to see them in the window of a bike shop next to the hotel i was staying at in dagupan