may be gettin rid of my zzr1100 and gettin a zzr600 am i mad 94 1100 to a 05...


may be gettin rid of my zzr1100 and gettin a zzr600. am i mad?94 1100 to a 05 600. any thoughts?

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  • You'd pick up a cheaper one in the UK than you would over here Terry then you can keep both lol

  • Have paid a fortune in getting the Suspension and engine prepped and air box sorted and you wouldn't believe the power gain. Topped out at 187 Mph at last drag race at woodbridge air base

  • Don't do it bro

  • Mad don't do it just

    get the 600 and have two

  • cant afford both, mate of mine has a 95 1100 bike for breaking with 18000 genuine miles on it for 500 euro

  • I had a beautiful red zzr600 i loved it good for 150mph but just didnt have the power !

  • Ya mad going down on cc's mate here down under people r getting rid of there 600's and going bigger ...hold on to the 1100 mate I love mine its just a power house for the roads over here ..just a brilliant all round bike