Mason Cleveland shared a link to the group: kawasaki kx 500.

99 KX500 for sale. Facebook has been a pain to try and post pictures too so I made a google album. Check the link below


I have uploaded more pictures of everything I thought necessary.

I've had it for a year, It ran well but there were a few things I wanted to repair so I started disassembling it and ran out of the time I needed to work on it. I would like to sell it as a whole but may part it out. These are the things that I know need attention.

Radiators- neither are in great shape. one has been repaired with what looks like JB weld (photos below) I have two oversized "Mylers Radiators" that have never been used. Those are 200$ for the set.

Motor- Ran well, didn't seem to have any issues. Has been ported. Leaks a little transmission fluid out of output shaft seal. The two support fins (or whatever they are) in the intake have cracked where they meet the top of the intake near the cylinder (photos below). The brake has not worn through the case. I have the original plastic stator cover as well. PENDING SALE

Frame- I'm guessing the famous exhaust mount broke and was repaired and it's not the prettiest thing. The frame is straight and doesn't have any major damage that I have seen. It is worn where your boots would rub against the frame.

Sub-Frame- The subframe is in decent shape but has been bent. I think it could be straightened pretty easily doesn't appear to be bent far enough that it would crack if you tried to straighten it.

Pipe- I have a FMF Gnarly that's in excellent shape with no apparent wear. Pro Circuit 304 silencer.

Tires- The rims are what you would expect from something that's been ridden but not abused. Rear tire has good tread left as well as the front but the front is showing signs of age (cracking)

Bar- I don't know what the story behind it is but it appears to have a 1 inch bar mounted in larger mounts with rubber wrapped around it to fill the extra space haha.

Tank- Stock tank, has no leaks, is starting to fade.

Plastics- not in the best shape, fading. the right rear fender is probably trash at this point.

Forks- Have stiffer springs than stock currently installed, I still have the stock springs in a box. STOCK SPRINGS PENDING SALE

  • It is sold. Thank you Mason Cleveland