Martin Aston shared 90s Motocross's photo to the group: kawasaki kx 500.

  • mmmmmmmm

  • anyone know which issue of Moto mag featured this. anyone have a copy they would sell?

  • I have the same! :-)

  • It's awesome!! :-)

  • Do you hve any more details on your bike? Build pictures?

  • Thanks! :-)

  • I'm rebuilting all motorbike... I will make some photo and i will show

  • Michi Kay So all motor mounts line up? On my 04 250 chassis I had to re position the front mounts to match the 500 engine. This is great news if no welding is needed. If I do this conversion I'll see if my Service Honda pipe will fit from my 04.

  • 90 and 91 front mounts are welded in. Still no big deal though. Im seriously thinking about putting a 500 in there. Unless I come across another 250, even a KDX250, engine.

  • Did you have to move the mounts on your 93 frame?

  • I just checked the engine mount bracket part #s for an 88 250 and a 88 500. 32029-1507 for the 250 and 32029-1509 for the 500. So there is a difference between the front mounts.