Mark your calendars


Mark your calendars!

If you interested in coming message me your contact info and I'll put you on the list.

(we do have one Canadian attendee, so in the US that makes something "international")

%d comments
  • I'll be there in spirit.

  • How about a UK Rally?

  • I would expect a bigger turnout in the UK

  • Too far over the pond, yeah be there in spirit. Blighty Bash? Rather!

  • another vote for UK bash :)

  • British bash ( preferably in the south west ) would be awesome :)

  • Midlands?

  • Whoa! Glad I just came across this! I live in the Seattle area and have NEVER seen another W around. I've had my 2001 since buying it new in 2003.

  • Hey Kirk, come on down to Portland! Last year's was in Silverdale, WA . . . (but message me your email if you're serious about attending).