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  • There's power and there's usable power.

  • I rode the Multistrada 950.Although a bit over budget I wanted to evaluate a motorcycle that could be the great upgrade of my Versys 650. Riding for about an hour I Had the following impressions.

    1. Cool looking Although I prefer the multi 1200

    2. Good driving feeling..coming from the Versys with some years of experience you do not have problems. Indeed it is even more inviting to lean but a WARNING how the engine pushes out from the curves. Obviously it pushes Very Strong Although, despite, journalists say packages SIA What a linear motor, for me the Versys 650 feels more linear. Multistrada produce a torque blow above 5000 rpms or so.

    4. Breaks Stronger than the Versys but the action is sudden and annoying ... maybe you get used. You feel thhe weight transfer on the forks.

    At still It feels a bit 'more intimidating feel a bigger weight and also sit on a higher seat while they are declaring the SAME seat height.

    3. Comfort .. good. Aerodynamics protection it is better .. Although I did not use it on the highway. A bit better on bumps than the Versys. But not betters for vibrations, I felt them above 4-5 thousand rpms under the seat.

    I have made that video where I rode the two bikes on the same road fairly relaxed (and safely) and I managed to keep the same pace. This means that of course I'm not a pilot, but also that I have fun with both bikes. Os the Multistrada much more desirable? Maybe .. but for now I keep the Versys since I have fun and enjoy the ride with it :)

  • I test rode the Multistrada 1200 a few years ago and thought it was a fantastic bike. Agree with your point about the brakes (almost too good if that is possible), but then comparing them to the Versys, anything stronger than a headwind would feel better ;)

    Ducati just make such beautiful bikes that it's hard not to love them...but I still chose the Versys. For the rider I am and the roads I use I could never take full advantage of the Multistrada's power and I'm not good looking enough to look cool riding it.