Many Drifter 800 parts from a 2003 model


*Rear brake/taillight - some small very light scratches on the chrome housing on one side; if you want it perfect could be massaged & rechromed or painted black for a '99-'00 "blackout model", $30 + S&H

*Rear turn signals - $20 each + S&H

*Front fender - no cracks, missing brake caliper cover, $200 - SOLD!!!

*Rear fender - small 1/2" long crack off of rear center mounting hole ( just below the brake-light housing ) , but it's far enough from the tire to add fiberglass or carbon fiber, or "plastic-weld" it to patch it for rigidity, A pair of large fender washers on each side of the hole should also work. $125 + S&H

*Air cleaner assembly - mint, $50 + S&H

*Stock Exhaust - mint, $130 + S&H

*Heel & Toe shifter - mint, $30 + S&H

*Left side Engine Covers - pn# 14031 & 14026, $30 each + S&H

*Head light Trim/Retainer Ring, $20 + S&H

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  • Sinan Nazik Kılıç

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  • I will take the front fender if it is still available

  • I'll get some pics to send you

  • Dennis Engelkenjohn , message me your address, so I can find out shipping costs

  • Front fender insides

  • Front fender

  • Front fender

  • Front fender

  • 3954 Arsenal St. St.Louis, MO 63116

  • Looking for a proper box/container to ship it in to protect it before I can take it to UPS or FedEx for a shipping estimate

  • soon as you know I'll mail you a MO

  • Dennis Engelkenjohn Thanks Dennis, I'll get a shippoing price 1st thing Monday

  • Dennis Engelkenjohn check you messages

  • Dennis Engelkenjohn Call me - I left you my number on a PM