Mal Kocher shared a link to the group: Kawasaki Tecate 4.

anyone see these?

  • I think I have some.... he has been making them awhile. used to be on kawieriders but got sick of the bullshit. jess is a good guy

  • I have a couple of them as backups. Look to be good quality

  • Has anyone tried 3D printing them?

  • what is 3D printing? I have heard of it when I was building my rc truck, but never really got informed

  • Really? your messing with me haha

  • No serious. I could Google it and educate myself but....

  • basically what ever you create in AutoCad, Maya , Blender or just plain Cad you can send to a printer that will print the object in 3d. it can be anything you want

  • John Swinehart. He's a Tecate guy and makes a lot of stuff for our Tecate's.

  • I give oem flywheels a make over too :)


  • I recently got lucky & found the whole KIPS governor with a pristine plastic gear for $18 shipped.. (ebay)

  • I sent you a PM

  • Not seeing it Joel,,, ?