Lunch date with these 2 beauties

Lunch date with these 2 beauties

  • Damn did I really put a (heart) on this post ??? OK, I'm Happy for lunch with a 2 legged Beauty!!! Not sure about the Bike??? LOL... I understand that everyone can't have one like Jim Rose or me, that's why there's a 04...

  • What's your thought Steve Miller ???

  • Haha...Steve knows though..chicks dig the color

  • Both are very nice looking

  • Thx jim

  • Bwahahaha, yes they do. We had one drooling all over our bikes when we met the other week.

  • Steve Miller lighten up, I'm Not wearing my Boots...

  • I'm serious, this chick walked over from the gas station and was drooling all over our bikes because of the color. She talked and talked and then walked away a few feet and turned around and talked and talked some more. ...she was definitely trying to get a ride from Colt Hall, I think when she left she blew him a kiss, but I'm not posative.

  • Ahhh. I wont! Screw it

  • Haha she was all over our bikes! Absolutely loved the color..was glad Harley didn't have that color..however I believe when I left Steve picked her up so she could feel the rumble

  • Note Mike is trying to get the same color on his feet! Haha

  • Colt Hall you're right, fuck me !!! I just saw that.

  • Shit Colt, nice eye. ..I didn't catch that. Mike is a closet lover. Ohh she felt the rumble all right, I believe your bike was running the whole time and mine was shut off.

  • I was trying to drown her out! Haha she wouldn't shut up!

  • Craziest thing..after the lunch date with the wife..ran into a friend we ride down to motorcycle maxx on 23 Steve Miller..and wouldn't ya we were pulling out..a guy on and 08 v2k pulled in!

  • I know she wouldn't, the worst part was her telling us all her personal info about kids and ex's. I guess we gave her the impression we cared.

  • Not sure how..neither of us made eye contact haha

  • I was afraid to.

  • Colt Hall you mean a manly 2K ???

  • Colt Hall is Steve Miller trying to get you in trouble??? I thought you 2 were buddies???

  • You are a lucky man.

  • Colt Hall I guess she was missing something??? Sounds like one for Steve Miller...

  • I'm taken so I didn't wanna make eye contact..haha..No clue why Steve Miller didn't want to lol..

    and nope Mike I honestly thought that 08 was a monad pulling in at first! lol

  • Yes yes I am

  • Colt Hall sounds like Steve Miller had a long talk with her, about her kids and how many bodies could fit into her trunk etc. etc... And pointing the finger at you??? What's that all about ??? Lol !!!

  • You just parked at Burger King to walk over to Red Lobster right!? Lol

  • I wish! Haha she wanted burger king! Haha

  • You know Mike..I'm not sure why he doesn't like her anymore haha

  • Colt Hall she must've had all her teeth!!!

  • Wow with friends like you, who needs enemies

  • Dammmmnnnn

  • What happened to I have a Green 2K and I feel left out ???