Lowside Crash Today

Lowside Crash Today...

  • Damn man glad you're OK.

  • Ya walk without scratch. Bike is ok Minor damages on the fairing slider did the job

  • Ya gear and sliders are always a good thing .

  • Ya i need some sliders on mine and bubble wrap lol i dont want a single scratch lol glad u ok n minor damage is better than broken

  • Damn bro I'm glad ur okay man. Don't let let crash get to you tho I've been there plenty of times. Move forward from it learn from what happened think positive and keep on riding brother. Be safe out there

  • Thanks

  • Yes don't forget Bike Gear ALWAYS WEAR IT ☺

  • Lots of gravel still in the roads in Saskatchewan just brought my bike out this week

  • Same Toronto this what happen gravel made my crash

  • I am glad you're okay. Get chassis protectors and Carbon Fiber side covers for the tank. It'll save your bike. It saved mine, but I got messed up by not wearing proper gear haha.

  • For sure will do

  • My bike Update...Good to go...Waiting for my new slider ☺ Hate Road Gravel

  • Great job!