Love the sound but sounds better on person


Love the sound but sounds better on person.

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  • tire

  • Michelin power plot 3

  • Sounds good Philip Myers. Hey what shield is that you have ?

  • What part of fl you from

  • Like the black

  • Not sure the shield came on the bike but I can see if the box the guy gave me with the original shield in it and near Gainesville Fl

  • I'm from Southwest Florida immokalee moved to wyoming in 08 when everything took shit nice riding weather down there one thing I don't miss is love bug season

  • It's been raining every other day down here so haven't been able to ride.

  • That sucks planning heading down there for thanksgiving going to finally take a ride to the key west like I always wanted can't wait

  • Hoping it'll cool down soon being will be nice weather by then.