Love that engine

Love that engine

  • me too :)

  • Love

  • Good

  • Nice. How do you get that shine?

  • Lots of polishing!

  • Your engine could better respire, if you remove the functionless airbox and use longer suction pipe between carburators and K&N filters...

  • I've thought about this too. The air needs to settle down before it gets to the carbs. The stock airbox has about a 2 inch pipe built into it.

  • Perfection!

  • Some pictures with second muffler? Or is this the final stage?

  • No second muffler. Its a 2 into one system by nitroheads.

  • Would you do mine if I gave you 10 bucks ? :D

  • Correct. Besides if you remove the box, you get a hole ?

  • + flights and accommodation. Sure!

  • Chris, is there a quantifiable performance improvement with the Nitroheads 2-into1 vs OEM exhaust - aside from power-to-weight reduction?

  • I haven't had it on the dyno but I think so. The carbs have been rejetted also. You would probably get a similar result of you removed the standard baffles, airbox and re jetted the carbs.