Love my bike i really do but its backfiring and it annoys the shit out of me...

Love my bike, i really do, but its backfiring and it annoys the shit out of me, dont know if something is not right with the power commander, or the vancew and hines exuast,or the thunder air filter, but since i never had these problems with my stock v2k assuming they are the culprits, help Bare Carr

  • Power Commander is not adjusted properly. Bike is too lean if it backfires. You gots to cut down on the air or open the furl a bit. No two bikes are the same so you are gonna have to experiment some.

  • how do either of those?, i have the power commander disc but clueless about the thunder ram air unit

  • AJ it was always popping but with the stock pipes you will never hear it .Plug the Air Switching Valve or plug each rubber hoses on top of each chrome valve cover ..SEE JAMES HAYHOW PICTURES on this page.

  • plugging the hose works AJ. Mine was popping untile Drew did my butterfly mod. She hasn't backfired one time since that top hose got blocked!

  • thanks gentleman, gonna concentrate on getting the back brake light working, and the back running lights working first, havent had time today killin my riding time, so weird, no fuses blown, but turn signals work, back fender light works but not brake light, wth?

  • Silly me thought people were blowing at me last night because i looked so badass, until another biker pulled up alongside and told me

  • ok dumb question Aj. Did ya check the bulb?

  • no, it was like 1 am when i pulled her in, been on a community cleaning project, and running errand, so havent been by my buddies to look at the bike, but that was the first thing i was gonna look at, not sure if that would affect brake lights, and running lights but definately hope its that simple

  • good luck Aj. I hope it's something simple.

  • me too, time and money are things im very short on lately, cant wait until my daughter graduation stuff is over