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    • Nice... but I'd get rid of the extra keys. They scratch your paint. I learned the hard way, a key got lodged between my triple and tank. I didn't wreck but I've now got a pencil eraser sized dent in my tank as a reminder. But otherwise, sweet pic

    • Thanks larry. You are right. Usually just have 1. These are my spares. But thank you.. maybe next week ill be painting my zx white... ill be extta careful.. thanks bud

    • Mmmmm I wanted a white one when I bought mine. Came back from vacation and it was sold :( so I let the black one grow on me and bought it. White is my favorite color on that bike.

    • Looks good. I seen some pics of a zx white... was thinking yellow since its my fav color but doesnt look so good. Ill post pics of her up when shes painted.

    • Wow stunning pic

    • Steve Sandalis

    • Where can I get gauge work done I want my gauges to light up red

    • Theyre stock orange

    • Ok