• Looks damn good when brand new

    Looks damn good when brand new....

    • Still does even after 5, 10 or more years... :)

    • And this is what LSL's first version of the W was... Conservative to say the least...

    • Damn! That IS conservative! By now, this bike looks like many of us with some extra $$$ and constant communication with webike.net. Haha!

    • I'd rather do my own preps... ;) Day 1:

    • Day 365:

    • Superb.

    • Thanks Azlan... Yeah it went thru 3 different stages before I settled on the Clubman look. Still need to change the tires though..

    • Of course. Perpetual 'Work in Progress'. You can't rush perfection... ;-)

    • So it was indeed, although I'm coming to a point where it is exactly where I want it.