Looking to buy either a zx9r or a zx6r around 2001 2002 just wanted to know if...

Looking to buy either a zx9r or a zx6r around 2001/2002 just wanted to know if there was any major difference in speed, handling or size?


  • I got a 2001 9R back in November after trying some 6's and 7's. Power wise the 9 has the gift and doesn't stop giving. The smaller bikes have a much more aggressive riding position (and being a touch more mature than perhaps I would admit to) I found the 9 still comfortable after a full day in the saddle. Hope this helps.

  • The 6 and 9 in 2001 have the same riding position. I have the 6 and it handles like it's on rails. Both will handle similar due to the fully adjustable suspension. The 9 will have more power. See what the insurance difference is in your area as that might help you decide.

  • £200 difference on insurance that's why I was seeing if there was much difference to warrant the extra money

  • Yea ideally I want the 9. The reason I asked is the insurance is £600 for the 9 and £400 for the 6 so just wanted to see if the 9 was worth the extra money

  • My 6 is crazy fast, 9 will be insane fast. I'm 6 feet tall and am comfortable. A newer one is different.

  • I'm a big lad (not tall) so don't want the newer one as they are smaller

  • Have you tried MCE insurance. They did me for £220. Confession time as I'm 50 and live in a small village. If you do decide to go with the 9 check the head stock bearings as they can be prone to centering. If you're in a position to go with the 9, I would. As good as the others are within 6 months I think you'd regret not pushing that bit extra. If I can be if any further help please ask.

  • Yea MCE are cheapest but with £550 mandatory excess so not keen tbh. And yea I can imagine the head stock bearing get abuse from the front wheel up and down lol thanks for your help I'm leaning towards the 9

  • Best of luck and good riding.

  • My wife has 6r and I have a 9r riding position is about the same however the 9 is a wider framed bike definitely noticeable difference when jumping from one to the other. Power wise 6's don't seem to make a lot of power until 10k rpms were as my 9 is power from the second you twist the throttle.

  • The power isn't even close between the 2, especially if you sprocket it the 9 has way more accelerating power. I found it very hard to ever go open throttle on my 9. My 6 on the other hand I can open it up all the way and be waiting a few seconds go it to catch up

  • Thanks guys the 9 seems worth extra few hundred quid then at least I won't ride it for 6 months and crave more power. Thank you all

  • The zx9 has around 133rwhp and the 6r around that era has about a hundred rear wheel horsepower and there within a few pounds of each other in weight so yes the 9 is going to be way more powerful and the riding position is very similar