Looking for some answers I have a 04 V2K and have been experiencing a front...


Looking for some answers: I have a 04' V2K and have been experiencing a front end wobble at around 80km/hr mostly noticeable on deceleration. I noticed after new rubber was installed on the front but I took the wheels in twice to check for balancing and came back ok. I've checked the stem bearings and they are tight also.......I'm at a loss, does anyone else experience this or have they and know what the problem is or what to check for because the dealer of course has no clue??

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  • mine only does this when I have full luggage and take my hands of the bar. Have to grab the bar within 2-3 secs or it develops into a tankslapper.

    Experiment with tire pressure, maybe it'll help.

  • As you are sitting on the bike make sure the left fork cinch bolts are tight then loosen the right cinch bolts then bounce the forks down 5 times then tighten the right cinch bolts if it still have the same condition re-balance the front wheel.

  • tighten the steering head bearings [ 12 lbs. ft ]

  • Bare and Bob you would think that's the ticket.......I've done both and no go.....I'm at a loss

  • Kevin if you did not have the issue before the new front tire more likely than not it is out of round. I have seen many out of round.

  • Bare I'm kind if thinking that too.....it's a new tire and had them rebalance and check if it was defective but the slightest problem could cause this I guess. It's more annoying than anything lol thanks Guys!

  • Some of the '04 models had bad brakediscs. Kawasaki replaced them back then. I can imagine bad/warped discs could have this effect.

  • just a thought maybe try some Green Tire Slime, its cheap and always smooths things out when there is a balancing problem and you will never get a flat again. I run it in all 3 of my bikes and love the effects.

  • I might just try that! Thanks Brian.