Looking for some advice Wife and I are ready to move up from two four wheelers...


Looking for some advice. Wife and I are ready to move up from two four wheelers to a t4. With a daughter starting college next year was thinking about finding a nice 12 or 13 model to save a few dollars for now and maybe upgrade in 4-5 years. Is there any major reason why we should try to go ahead for a 14 or 15 model now? I know they upped from the 750 to the 800 and made a few other changes. We ride royal blue 3 or 4 times a year and do casual local trail riding. would a 12 or 13 model be fine for us or do we really need to go for a 14? would appreciate some input since you guys are really familiar with these machines.

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  • The 14-15 models should be on clearance since the new ones are about to come out.

  • Yep, for a couple grand more you get can get new with warranty, IMO I would go with new. Just to ease your mind being new, you don't have to worry how it was treated by the previous owners.

  • Go buy a brand new one that way you're not getting anyone else's used problems

  • The 800 is much more snappier than the 750. And I have a 2015 with over 2000 miles of winter and mud driving. I've never had a problem

  • Look around I got a 2014 LE with 76 miles for 10500 out the door

  • We have a 14 and we love it plenty of power , rides great and like everyone said 3 year warranty

  • Only reason I didn't go new was I found my '12 for $8000 with 232 miles on it if memory serves correct. Couldn't justify not getting it haha

  • That is a sweet deal Brandon Erwin.

  • Thanks everyone for your comments you've given us some good points to think about.

  • I was doing burnouts on tar last night and my baby is going to the shop today.... I think I broke a u-joint