Looking for exhaust pipes. fishtail. and solo seat for 1500 Drifter

Looking for exhaust pipes(fishtail)and solo seat for 1500 Drifter!

  • I have a set of stock pipes off 2000, 1500 Drifter.

  • pic's?

  • Just got back home will get photos tomorrow

  • Sorry did not see fishtail mine are just stock.

  • How much for the stock pipes ?

  • How about 125.oo + shipping.

  • You selling the peace pipe? I know someone looking for it!

  • Warren Rhoads are you selling these pipes if so let me know. It was good to see you, Sadie and Chuck in Wis at the VRA rally.

  • John is who I had in mind!

  • Yes they are just setting in my garage. They came with the bike but just a a spare part.

  • What are you asking for the pipe? John Pappalardo was looking for one. I have one on my bike and I really like it.

  • Was asking $125.00 , Plus shipping cost. Will take offers

  • Warren Rhoads Is the chrome in good shape the picture looks like they aren't in good shape from what I can see.

  • If nobody else wants the peace pipe..... I WILL buy it from you you.... Keep me in mind..... Thank you in advance

  • John Pappalardo , you going to buy it?

  • I'll sell them to who ever say's they want them and will hold on to them and check into shipping cost when I geat a address.

  • Tom Lane They look scratched and the chrome looks bad in the picture. The price of having them powder coated or new chrome would cost to much . I'l pass

  • They are used and thats the way they came . Thans for looking at them.