Looking for a drifter carburator. Thanks. Tank


Looking for a drifter carburator. Thanks. Tank.

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  • What year

  • Bike is a 2001.

  • I may have a set for ya...let me see if I can actually find em. Get back to ya asap

  • Wait wait... just struck my memory. I had fuel injection. Do you have an 800 or 1500?

  • An 800 has a carb. The 1500 is injected. Unfortunately the regular vn800 carb lacks the required throttle position sensor as well as the mounts for it.

  • Dang. Sorry to get your hopes up.

  • What's wrong with the carb ya got?

  • The bike sat for years and the body corroded to the point that the choke/fuel enrichment system allows constant fuel flow. 11 mpg and about 1700rpm at idle when warm. I currently have the system blocked with epoxy, but would like to replace the carb.

  • Does anyone have the selinoids that goes in where the breather is for 1500 mines fuel injection and it's supposed to help ur bike start when it's cold out Instead of using chock