• Looking for a chrome solo seat grab rail contoured fender luggage rack and...

    Looking for a chrome solo seat grab rail, contoured fender luggage rack and fender tips for front and rear for 2003 Drifter VN800. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Fender luggage rack not recommended. The fender it's not stationary. If never used and just cosmetic ok.

    • Just for the looks.

    • There is a guy on ebay that sells tips.

    • Here's a good site to check out. http://www.vulcandrifterriders .com/

    • Thanks Paul.

    • Scoot works seems to be the only lead i have... i am looking for the same, but they are hard to come by

    • Unless you are buying in person I wouldn't deal with Scootworks

    • Thats what i have heard...

    • The tips are available..if you want to spend big $.... the rest. Good luck....