• Looking back through all the pics must be the only gt owner in club Here s a...

    Looking back through all the pics, must be the only gt owner in club. Here's a pic with modified rear end, lost the rack

    • Nice one Michael, ime no longer billy no mates lol

    • You're not . your fella looks a lot cleaner and original than mine but must admit I love em. Great bikes

    • Yours looks tidy as well mate. First bike after 30 years in four wheels. Loving it

    • Looks better in pic but ain't bad for 26 years old lol. First bike for 20 years and loving it too lol.

    • Have you got different top yoke and 'bars?

    • Yeah mine look different to yours . Mine look straighter and lower mine are Matt black .

    • The originals are composite bars like on the 750 aren't they?

    • I believe mine are originals .

    • That's right! My memory isn't what it was despite 1980-1995 as a Kawasaki parts man...

    • Lol. No worries mate . mine has oil leak on gear shaft seal to sort and rear indicator bracket has broke

      ( very neat gaffer tape repair at the minute lol. ) I have brought it to use though and don't want a show bike .

    • 92051-005 for the seal, from memory but I wouldn't swear on it ;)

    • Mine are not original, bought it like this.

    • Ah you can easily choose different bars like that

    • Look good though .nice wide bar.

    • That's what I thought theo

    • Naughty at speed tho. Get all the wind

    • Lol. I got one and was £3 obviously a common sale part if you remember it that well lol .

    • Yeah mine has screen cuts that down and keeps hands fairly warm .

    • On list of to do

    • I had one of these back in the early nineties when I was a dispatch donkey in London.