Looking at turning the W650 into a street tracker style I ve been looking at...


Looking at turning the W650 into a street tracker style. I've been looking at tyres and found the ones I like they are Bridgestone trail wing. Front tyre is no problem but would like to know if the back tyre will fit okay the size is 130/80-18 TT 66P. Thanks

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  • You'll be fine for chain run and rim size bud

  • Thanks Mark just wanted reassurance that the tyre will fit okay. Thank mate.

  • 130/18 is the OEM size, whay wouldn't it fit? FYI, you can mount up to 140 on the OEM rim (I've done it). 150 will fit thru the swingarm but you will need a wider rim.

  • Yes they fit. Ive used them on mine, they get a bit squirmy and loose at very high speeds and they are a bit slippery when cold, but they work ok.

  • Jack Linden you put a 140/80 18 on the rear?

  • François Meyer Yes François, 140/70/18 Conti Trail Attack2. The front one is still the TA2 in 110/90/19, and it has racked up more than 12000 kms.

  • Nice bike!! Did it change the speedometer? Diameter of the weel? Original handlebar? What is that exhaust <3? Sorry for the tons of questions :)

  • No problem ;) It wouldn't change the speedometer as the diameter difference is nominal. Those are still 19F and 18R wheels even with wider tires ! Handlebar on the picture was an LSL Clubman, and the exhaust system is the Silverstone Racing from the W650 shop... Very, VERY LOUD ! ;)

  • Correct. Amazing tire, unfortunately available in only a couple sizes in 18inch. The rear one wasn't even used when I traded it for a ContiGo, and I've run thru two ContiGo rear since, the front TA2 still being fine.