looking at buying my first sxs and am really liking the t4 because of the...


looking at buying my first sxs and am really liking the t4 because of the length should be easier to get around. but i also have a few questions and thoughts. i have to have a 4 seater of some brand i know this is a kawie location but i also know you guys have to ride with people with other brands and i would very much like as unbiased opinion as i can get please. first off my mother will probably be riding in the buggy of choice quite regularly with my wife a daughter and she had a pretty bad back. my main concern is the ride how is the ride on the teryx4 vs the other 4 seaters on the market i know it has to be a little ruff mainly due to the shorter wheelbase but by how much. how supportive is the factory seats compared to other sxs next question have they got the belt problems sorted out on them yet last time i looked at them was in 14 and there was some issues that steered me away from them all together this would be a very large investment for me and i want to get the right ride for me. I'm working out of town and really want something when i come home on weekends the whole family can do thing together.

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  • Teryx! What men ride! Lol

  • This is the same decision I had to make when I bought mine. I ended up getting to test them both out cause I had friends with them already. The teryx does ride a little stiff and not as smooth but in the end the shorter wheel base made it well worth it. I have 3,200 miles on my teryx now and haven't had a bit of trouble out of it

  • Just bought mine 2016 they fixed the belt issues suspension was little stiff but putting dampers to soft and disconnecting the sway bar it rides like a cloud and will definitely out do any others on technical stuff. Gearing is perfect 4wd is a beast. Power is good seat comfort vs all others is way better imo. Go get u one is all I can say

  • My opinion is don't take people who have a bad back off roading.

  • I went from 175lb rear springs to 150lb springs and it's so much better! The 4 seat guys should do like 160lb springs. Best $150 and 30 minutes of time I have spent so far. Just keep in mind I ride mostly 25 mph and under but it helps at all speeds just bottoms out a tad fast but it's better than constant beatings lol

  • How is the in can heat from the engine

  • The places she will be going isn't very technical or ruff she wants to try who am I to deny her the chance to enjoy the outdoors with her grand baby if she wants to try it!

  • They put sound deadening and heat protection on the 2016 it's not as loud or as hot as the 2015. Heat isn't that bad. I drove the 15 model it was alot louder too. Get the 16 model. If I want more heat reduction and sound all I have to do is get some dynomat

  • 15200 out the door is a big plus too. Full doors 14 inch rims with big horn tires led headlights a roof super comfortable seats better made with a 3 year warranty u can fix few preferences for less than $100. Shocks are improved to do the adjustments and it rides just like a rzr it just ain't gonna jump 5 ft high as the rzr. But everything else it has it beat

  • I was just quoted 16868 after taxs and rebates on a le

  • Sport cycles in Rockingham nc has them for 14298 see if they will match price or come close enough so u won't have to make the drive

  • And that's a le model too I just bought mine last Saturday

  • Taxes were 1000

  • Yes 948 I believe plus 175$ finance charge

  • Nice

  • What's this belt issue you mentioned I have a 2016 and am wondering what you mean

  • Intake breather for belt is with air intake before it was at engine breathing hot air burning belts up

  • 2016 is fixes though

  • I think they recalled the 14 models and changed it in 15 to fix the problems