Looking at accumulating some long term parts do it once do it right style

Looking at accumulating some long term parts, do it once do it right style. Has anyone used or had experience of these? Pic lifted from ebay, other auctions sites are available!!!!

  • So does anyone think cool sticks are a good idea

  • If someone put them on for me and I noticed an improvement then yes.But at the moment I am more concerned with other more crucial fixes .

  • Stick coils don't really improve performance, but they sure as hell tidy up the top end, especially when you ditch the clean air crap too.

  • The C doesn't have the clean air crap. (UK)

  • Only half the nest of snakes then :)

  • Yeah, just a mess of wiring, cables and HT leads.

  • wasn't there some that had hot starting probs with stick coils ?

  • Oddly enough she was a pig to restart today after a smoke break, only five minutes stop which is usually the worst to start from. 20 minutes and above and she's fine, personally I think it's vapour lock, plus the battery's four years old that I know of so that could be a factor too. Still glad I converted her though, shim checks are a lot, lot easier

  • I see you blocked off the daft breather thing. Any advantage?

  • Well it got rid of all that Californian plumbing for a start, and I use the hoses as handles which are a boon for lifting off the cover. There are certainly no disadvantages.

  • What you use to block em?

  • 16mm hose plugs, ebay

  • To be honest there aren't any benefits unless you service the bike yourself, that's where this mod really pays off. If you trust the bike with a shop for servicing then it might not be what you want or need.

  • Zxr900 sticks and wiring, you need to tweak the loom a little (not hard)

    Gives a good clean spark at each plug spark is about ten times stronger than with coils (or so im led to believe)

    You won't notice any difference in running really

  • Looks a lot neater, and no HT leads to go hard.

  • Wiring for stick coils.

  • Check out this thread Mr H, plenty to choose from, part numbers included too. My own coils are Denso 129700-4400, no problems so far.

    http://www.zzr-rg.co.uk/forum/ viewtopic.php?t=6185

  • Oh, and another wiring diagram, slightly different layout but more representative of how you'd use the existing wiring to the D's coils.

  • Would that diagram be the same for a C ?

  • Not sure Roland, I created it for the D but they're essentially the same engine and firing order, so I don't see why not.

  • I don't know if the C and D ignition systems are the same, I would guess they are, but I'm not certain.

  • If the left coil serves 1 & 4, and the right 2 & 3 then it should be fine

  • Yes, they do.

  • (y)