Looked what I picked up while visiting Florida Can t take it home today but...


Looked what I picked up while visiting Florida. Can't take it home today but will come back in two weeks to pick it up. I will be selling this 2up seat and a tan Corbin seat with fringes cause I'm gonna use mine. I'm so excited. God had my back on this deal

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  • My 1500 has long shots...says vance and hines on them tho

  • My original drifter has these Vance & Hines on them and has logo but I think I'm gonna keep the ones it has cause they are longer

  • My 1500

  • How much for the seat that's on there?

  • I already have a buyer for $250

  • Pipes are Hard-krome American Classis.. I have the same ones on mine

  • Do you have a buyer for the tan seat?

  • Sale pending

  • Sweet ride !!! So happy for you !!!!!

  • Welcome back to the world of drifter owner.

  • Thank you everyone

    I'm stoked

  • How much for the 2 up seat I need one badly plz

  • Chola you love those 800's

  • Yep. Love the look.

  • miles & price yr

  • I got 2 $150 for the plain $200 for the crocodile one...one is tan and the other a tan in a crocodile pattern embossed...both for 1500 bike

  • Do you have any two up seats available? If so how much?

  • Not yet but I am working on another bike Corbin two up for an 800...

  • what do you need?

  • I need a two up seat for an 800

  • This one is black with red piping

  • How much will you be selling it for? I'll Message you

  • Fair market value but don't wait for me because the owner is not back from FLA until April

  • Oh okay, we'll see I'm in no rush

  • Hola. I have a mustang seat. Send pm if interested and I'll message you back after work

  • Pm you

  • What rear suspension is on that? It looks much lower than my 800

  • It is dropped 3" with the kit from scootworks

  • Cause we girls with no legs need things lower to the ground! ! Lol.

  • Yep lol

  • I want to lower mine so looks like I need to do some research

  • Matt, you can order a rear lowering kit from scootworks.com or save $130 and cut, stretch your dogbone and weld it professionally . If I'm not mistaken you stretch it 1" and get 3" drop. Or 1.5".

  • Also to raise your bars. Do you want the ape style or just want to raise your bars? If you want to keep the look of the drifter , then just raise you bars. I bought this because I thought I needed to raise mine but never used it. I didn't want to lose the look.

  • You'll have to order those screws below to go from standard to metric (which is what we have) to fit in your tree mounts. Anyway, hope that helps

  • I like the look of apes.

  • If you order from scootworks, expect to wait a while to get your parts, 6 months for mine.

  • Damn. No one else makes one?

  • Try eBay

    They sell on there too

  • Yep, that's them. Scootworks sells on Amazon too. That's the pic from their Instagram

  • Think I spent enough with them. Lol

  • Seems that way. I ordered that kit once before and it was stolen. I do need to install the kit

    For the weight . Maybe When your done with the install

    Kit for the sprigs you can sell

    It to me lol. Or I can pay you to do it