Look who s moving up in the world Guys I can t say enough good things about...


Look who's moving up in the world!! Guys I can't say enough good things about these two companies!! American owned, operated, and supplied.. Small business owners that care about their customers, above all else.. Millarlightbars.com can set you up with the best lightbars, whips, and underglow available..With options to your hearts content.. Throttlemaxx, owned by Mikal Wersland can set you up with throttle control beyond your belief.. At the same time adding ergonomics and comfort to your foot position and relief of fatigue from extended rides..In the picture is the newly redesigned model for the 13 and earlier T2's.. I'll be installing soon and then relating my feedback directly back to Mike.. And honestly my earlier version worked flawlessly, so it will be great to see how the new model compares.. I think it's gonna be easier to install, which seems crazy to say, because the one installed now, maybe took a minute and a half to install.. Stay tuned for more to come after these products are installed.. In the meantime, take a minute to check out these two great companies..

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