Look what just arrived

Look what just arrived :)

  • Brilliant tyre great in wet superb in dry 7000 rear on my fp 1100zzr... Very much confidence inspiring. I'll be having angels on my new 11 when she's finally ready for the road

  • Only run metzlers, although the vfr 750 is corsa shod. Super sticky

  • i have metzelers on at the moment and seem fine, been told the M8 is a good choice by a Kwak mechanic. First time needed to re-shoe the 11 so looking for choice. My other mechanic has suggested Maxxis - anyone got a view on these.

  • Maxxis are ok, not fitted them to a zzr. I can't wait to take the vfr out wen its warmer! Ten mins and it's super fun!

  • Ooh let me know how u get on

  • The guy has said first to take it out wen its warmer, as the pirellis are rubbish this time of year, said its not like the metzlers on my zzr11...

  • I had meltzers on my last fazer good tyres

  • Pilots I found to be the best...grip like shite to a blanket

  • had pilots on my bandit, that bike was serious fun with them on, even on a lowly bandit..

  • I used pilot 2 and got just over 6000 miles on the rear...going for the pilot 4 this time ...funny thing with these is the sides have hit the wear limits before the middle and no step (flat)