Long post sorry My husband and I are looking into trading in our R3 for a 2016...

Long post; sorry! My husband and I are looking into trading in our R3 for a 2016 Versys 650 LT. We bought our R3 a year ago as my husbands first bike. Typically when he rides, we are riding together. That was not initially the plan...it was supposed to be his hobby! However, I enjoy riding, but do not enjoy driving, so getting me a bike is out of the question. Needless to say, the R3 does not do well two up nor it is meant for long distances. The seat is very uncomfortable, significant vibration, no backrest/handlebars, and there are almost no aftermarket items available for it. We like to travel a lot on the weekends (mostly within our state or the next state!) and the R3 does not do well with that. Financially, we are going to have to take a large 'hit' trading the R3....so it's a significant decision for us. Does anyone on here ride 2 up majority of the time? What about light touring (3 or 4 hours each way)? I would appreciate any feedback! Thanks!

  • I have not ridden a Versys,but if you plan on alot of two up touring consider a concours 14,for the price of the versys you can get a very nice used concours and it has hundreds of aftermarket farkles available.

  • Deffo recommend the Versys. Traded my ER6f in for one last year and it was the best thing Ive done bike wise. My misses loves going out on it and we often go for rides all the time, sometimes we can be on the saddle for 6 hours a day. The back box is great for Janet, she just leans back on that and she said she could actually have a nap it's that comfortable!!!

  • Depending on your combined weight, the Versys may not have enough oomph two up.. especially with luggage. You may want to look at the Versys 1000. Has more spacious seat for two and the extra power and torque. Or even the Z1000SX if you want a slightly sportier feel.

    Tillman's suggestion may be too much bike for some one who has only ridden a small capacity sports bike

    I love my Versys, it's my second one and it's great for most trips, but when two you need to plan overtaking a bit more

  • I do like the Versys and may buy the 650lt for commute/ short tours ,but after my accident I only plan to ride solo, but I will be replacing my Connie soon.

  • We have thought about it, but the problem is the 1000 is a little out of our price range....We are both relatively small people with a combined weight of about 275 pounds and are both 5'7.

  • I've had a Versys in the garage for 6 years. Gen 2 for 5 years and 40,000 miles and 9000 on my gen 3

  • You should be fine on the 650 then. Enjoy it

  • I think the 650 would be fine with your combined wait ! If you can manage on the R3 the versys will be a treat . I have a mk2 and a mk3 if you can afford the Mk3 it's worth the extra money ! Both great bikes but the Mk3 is smoother and has miles better brakes ! take a test ride thats the best thing

  • I ride two up on my versys it's fine I've recently been to France with my wife and plan on going to Scotland in the summer and do the Inverness 500, the wife loves the pillion seat very comfy in her opinion

  • Before buying my 650 I looked a lot into how it would handle two people. I did read a bit that although two ultimately more comfortable on a 1000 with better power and space, the 650 would be fine for the casual weekend get away