LOL today accelerated away quite hard when I kicked into 3rd gear the front... accelerated away quite hard, when I kicked into 3rd gear the front wheel lifted, power wheelie. Not long my back tire going to be finished, amazing power now !!!

  • 1. Remove Ac cover 4 screws

    2. Remove Ac filter 1 screw

    3. Remove Ac filter Plate 5 Allen head bots 2 hex bolts

    4 Remove Engine breather hose (Left Bottom)

    5. Remove Air intake hose (TOP and put a plug in it)

    6. Remove Temp sending unit (Bottom middle)

    7. Remove Idle knob ( it will fall out of it's slot Left side)

    8. Remove the two screws one on each plate ( Use a magnetic screw diver be sure you keep the throttle closed.


    From Bare

  • and Booom lift off !!!

  • I have an aftermarket air cleaner all I had to do was remove 1 allen head bolt and off came the air cleaner and then I had access to the screws for the butterflies

  • Do I have to plug the air intake hose? Or is this optional? I like to try and keep the stock smog stuff. Trying to be a little greener now-a-days.

  • Do not plug Air Intake hose grasshopper put separate filter if you must but not plug !

  • Well I don't want to plug it.. I would like to keep it. Assume for smog?

  • Thats crank case breather tube , plug it up & you'll get a nasty surprise lol,,,,

  • Cool, that's what I needed to know.. Yep I don't like separate filters for those things.. they always weep nasty stuff on top of you engine etc. I'll keep it connected to the intake.. Plus its greener.. Thanks Ray!

  • the top airhose plug off anf cap the AIS system with cap off's bottom crank case hose use a seperater filter to let it breathe

  • Bottom line: Don't need to cap it, can put back in place but still get the same benefits of removing secondary butterfly's plus I stay green..correct?