Located in Fulton Illinois for sale 300 or best offer lightweight motorcycle...

Located in Fulton Illinois for sale $300 or best offer, lightweight motorcycle trailer good rims and tires and newly painted frame as of yesterday. Only reason I'm selling is I have three trailers total and do not need this one and running out of space. Clear title , You pick up

  • If you weren't so far away I would buy it

  • Hey Jim did you wire the bike, for the trailer

  • Brian the wiring on this trailer does not match my bike none of my trailers do right now. I just had the hitch and wiring installed at the shop the end of last summer. As such I have to rewire the two trailers I am keeping. This trailer has the flat plug-in. But can easily be fixed with the round plug in if need be. It just depends on what your bike is set up for

  • Where do you live Bryan

  • OK I just saw where you live, yeah buddy that's a little too far for me to meet you halfway

  • Well thats it i need my bike wired. Did they just plug in from the back lights or from someplace else on the bike?

  • My mechanic wired everything up at the Kawasaki dealership

  • Got one like it. That's a good deal brother

  • Thank you Jon , i'm not trying to make a lot of money at all ; this world is too screwed up with people ripping people off I just want somebody to get a good deal and be happy and make room in my garage so I can start working on my mini camping trailer . Even though it's going to take me probably all summer if not longer to do. But most important the wife says it's got to get out. LOL

  • Jim I bought one for my wife and I to take camping stuff in three years ago before I had stroked and had to trike. I ve got ball etc if someone needs one for. A Lot less . Anyway the trailer is smooth you forget it back there .and behind the trike now you sure forget about it lol