• Little run today back in shed getting ready for mot going to replace rear...

    Little run today :) back in shed ..getting ready for mot going to replace rear / front brake pads , which ones best for my c1..

    • There all pretty much a muchness to be honest, EBC organics (standard) or the Goldfren equivalent perform just as well at a lower price.

    • EBC all the way

    • Nice, I got same colour mines 24 years old

    • Ebc HH sintered :-)

    • Does the mot measure brake pad thickness in England?

    • Why those ones ? Unless you ride at full pelt everywhere or do regular track days .. If you ride 'normally' you'd never get those pads hot enough to work properly !!

    • Yes it does mate

    • Yep .. 1.5mm minimum thickness .. Unless you can prove there sintered pads then it's 1mm ..

    • Tried a few ... still got standard calipers on my c2 and these improve stopping . I'm probably not a slow rider and most of my riding is around the lincolnshire wolds.

    • Easy job to change them anyway.

    • Over here in Belfast the bike is placed on a roller and braking performance is measured by a computer.The test is standard across n.ireland.