Little Kitty is sick running a temp and the doctor wanted a 85 hour Copay to...

Little Kitty is sick, running a temp, and the doctor wanted a $85/hour Copay to look at her. No...No...No. Daddy will take you home and take care of you. Let's open you up and check your lungs.

  • What's it doing?

  • Awe sweetie you couldn't breathe...let's replace those lungs ASAP!.

  • Thanks for asking, just making a funny post about changing air filters.

  • going w the stock filter or upgrading to a bmc?

  • Sticking with stock for this change, BMC is on order and should be in Friday, but I'll be on my way to Utah for a 4 day motorcycle ride. Hitting up Death Valley, Valley of Fire, Zion and Bryce National Parks and the Grand Canyon...Yes Sir time to wild out lol.

  • Nice

  • Little Kitty feet hurt as well. I've had her on Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT'S for the last 6K miles. My finger is above the wear bar and I could push for another 1K miles but I'm getting ready for a moto tour. But first and for most...why take the chance?

  • And what am I replacing them with...Michelin of course hehehe.

  • Thanks bro.

  • Shhhh, baby I know it hurts. But if I'm changing your lungs and shoes, let's go all the way and do that Blood Transfusion. You'll feel much better on the open road

  • Bee's in the trap lol. Pulled the air filter and there's about 8 bees in the chamber...dead of course.

    After all, the ZX-14R will eat anything lol.

  • #uck...Notice to all, the sweet treat for ZX14R is think they taste like skittles?

  • Tony, I love you profile pic. I have him on my windshield.

  • Oh, now this is Bad Ass! I bow down to you....that's so bad ass!

  • What tire pressure you running?

  • 40Psi front and rear

  • Wow and they only lasted that long? That's kinda sad

  • Truthfully I could get more miles if I used the speed posting. I'm all over the place, mountains, canyons, PCH, you name it I go.

  • Same here but damn dude lol if they get that little mileage that sucks, pr4 gt's cost me $500 mounted

  • For me it's good, typically I'm good for 5K. Again if I slowed down a bit you know .

  • Trust me I know lol. I buy off the internet for $340 a pop and install myself.

  • Get well soon

  • Surgery is almost done. Just waiting on the new shoes which should be in Tuesday.

  • Brent Markovic how man miles or kilometers do you average per set?

  • Haven't had my 14 that long just put the gt's on only put 4000km total on it