Liam White shared his video to the group: Kawasaki Versys.

  • Yeh mine does a wierd noise from the cap

    Thought i had a puncture at first

  • My 650. It did it when i pulled my new to me dr650 in. I told my wife it was sighing

  • Yes Mine does as well

  • I think it's a common thing

    My 650 did that, also my Z800 as well as a friend's Z1K

  • Mine also,,,

  • My 15 650 tends to do it after it sits outside then I move it, actually whistles

  • Is normal...

  • Thanks for this. It must be a kawasaki thing. I've only had yams before and they didn't do it

  • It's not only kawas thing I ve heard it is some Hondas cars too

  • wow! I always wondered where that noise was coming from!

    I thought that was just little elves using a fax machine telling Kawasaki HQ about my mad riding skills