• LED side bulbs and one side HID bulb kit fitted Side lights don t look that...

    LED side bulbs and one side HID bulb kit fitted. Side lights don't look that bright on pic but they are.

    • Which HID H7 kit did you use Nigel ??

    • This one mate

    • Nigel Siddall looking good think the other needs doing lol

    • Yeh had to rush out mate lol.

      Will be finished tomorrow

    • Easy to fit?

    • Nigel Siddall the one you bought was a dual kit then ??

    • Yeh mate 10 mins. Other side looks a bit tighter to get your hand in but nothing hard.

    • Yes Jonathan

    • I'm checking out eBay now

    • Wot year ur zed

    • Ps u have never pics of where u mounted units

    • Its a 2013 mate.

      Plenty of room to hide the wires. Just going to tie wrap them up to existing loom.

      They won't be seen anyway.

    • Ta buddy mine 14 no different has to be done using up graded side lights! LED?

    • Used these for side lights

    • Done

    • Looks good I was thinking of going the led h7 headlight route but yours are far cheaper http://www.horizonleds.co.uk/h 7-5th-gen-4000-lumens

    • Yeh, I'm just hoping they last and don't pack in after a week.

    • So you followed my lead then. Do the high beam aswell. Did you use the same as me

    • Couldn't get the same one's Heath. Got the ones above.

      That's the high beam side done.

      Had to go out before i got chance to to other side. I don't use the bike at night so I'm going to lower the high beam and run with both on. A pal has always done that on his bikes.

    • just make sure the charging circuit is up to running them both full time

    • Ok cheers