LED Running Light

LED Running Light

  • Very nice!

  • John Piekielniak this is the strip LED I was telling you about

  • Thats what i was thinking about

    Perfect place to put some light

  • Where did you get both sets of signal lights?

  • Bottom are kuryakyn and the LED are simple strip LED lights

  • I thought they were kuryakyn

  • The bottom lights are the strip lights are just basic LED

  • Jim Renda where can I find those strip LEDS? Do you have a model number also?

  • Did the kuryakyn lights aligned with the holes of the original lights?

  • Yes exact same holes

  • Sam Rodriguez Sam the rear turns on the V2K slide over a light bar so these turns are just kury Lenses you pop in your stock housing it takes less then 5 minutes for this conversion

  • Jim Renda I wish I can find a way my exhaust (Vance & Hines) wouldn't smoke my right turn signal. I've seen a couple of guys that have the same problem.

  • Yes Sr mine is same way i have a few housings laying around so when one get's burnt I change it out. you could always add after market signals in a diff location.

  • Jim Renda yes was thinking that. When I get it painted to installed & relocate some new lights because most likely I will need to remove the rear fender.