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What country are you from?

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  • Oh, is there another England out of the UK? :-)

    Now added Scotland and Wales. People who said UK can reconsider...

    Please keep it simple if you are from the USA, stick to just that please. And bloody Aussies can fill in their states themselves :-)

  • the rock, riverina aus.

  • Mal, please check the box before "Moon" :-)

  • Ha...ha... naughty Mal! (Iwas going to put Outer Space). :oD

  • ha ha..

  • Canada.

  • Outer Space... not the natural habitat of a born Lunatic ;-)

  • Luna...tic, definitely the moon then.

  • There is indeed some "tic" over in "The Rock, Riverina, Oz" :-D

  • "ráfagas" from Spain