Kim Houde shared Ami Houde's video to the group: kawasaki kx 500.


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  • You can ride it if you can start it lmao

  • Steven Karren do you think you can start it?

  • If i could start my old yz490 with a yz250 lever, i can start just about anything

  • Or a yz426 without decomp lol

  • Rest my case. Lol

  • Looks like fun

  • Kim Houde did she use the decomp or without? It looked like she did not use the decomp.

  • No decomp on it then

  • Denrick Milletti

  • Sounds nice. And she is not afraid to turn the throttle on either.

  • Nope

  • Do I have permission to marry your daughter!?

  • Shit I know I can't handle mine . I scare the crap out of myself sometimes.there are different ways of learning how to ride. Did you grow up in a city and mostly ride tracks. Or did you grow up where down the street past the sheriffs house and around the corner was desert far as you can see every direction. I never have enjoyed riding a designated course . Around and around and around. I've made courses of my own in the desert. Which if you live near dry lake beds then you don't need machinery to design the track. You just design it from the landscape there for you already. Plus if you have never knocked a bird out from in front of your front plate with your hand after wearing it out . Then maybe some things are different . Jack rabbits are almost as hard to wear down as a sparrow is . But running over a jack rabbit going any speed sucks. How many people can react fast enough to a jack rabbit running out in front of you while you're going fast in straight line? How manny wannabes have been out in the field scaring up birds singling one out chasing it so it can't land long enough to get its breath and chasing until it's right in front of your plate the swat it from the air. Wanna be what? Never thought of any motocross dirtbike rider as a wanna be. Cuz it's all fun. Unless you end up paralyzed from something that you didn't expect. And it happens ...

  • you can ride any bike, if you have the right experience to do it.. a 500 needs the right starting- and riding- technique as any other bike. and here is the point, that separates the wannabe´s that only could ride fast in a straight over a field from the experienced mx-riders , that has realy to work on the bike .. ;) .. keep it on, have fun with whatever you like to ride..

  • I can't even kick start the one I ride, good for you chick :)

  • Not too shabby

  • Tommy Watts

  • Damn man why so malicious to wildlife.

  • I don't kill em just let em get a little exercise.

  • Un cool bro

  • Why not.....,??

  • Really uncool,? You'd have a fit then with all the people who go out with their 22's at night shooting the jackrabbits. That pisses me off. Because that leaves me with less to chase. But if you want to get down right liberal about it . Nevadas state flower is the sage brush. Since I'm always taking out sage brush that must be another rotten thing too huh? I'd try to make everyone happy. But it's enough just trying to not make anyone sad. Peace be with you and I'll make sure to lift the front end the next time a jackrabbit darts in front of me while I'm doing 70 mph through the desert. They are antagonists. I have to watch my front for them therefore they need to watch their back for me!!!!! Birds are a different thing altogether. Coyotes well if they are within eyeshot..

  • From now till forever if I say or do something your dislike . Before you say something about it just know that I agree and you've already won. Angst free zone