Kickstand help

Kickstand help

  • Personally if they are made to fit the bike ID complain to the manufacturer

  • Yeh it is a pain ....they don't tell you that part

  • I'd send it back, it's for a ZX14 so it should fit, you shouldn't have to modify the bike to make it fit. They should supply any spacers or washers/bolts =D =D

  • Get some body to heat it up with a gas plant and put a slight set in it to get enough clearance, but let cool naturally or quench it in oil to prevent it becoming brittle.

  • Or weld a bracket on for the stand to hit, my Delks even have the bracket for a centre stand which is aftermarket

  • Or take a big hammer to the zorst so it doesn't hit it

  • Get a 4 into 1 that exits on the other side

  • Take a video of it running. I'd love to here it.

  • Nick Newton saves the day..... Show us when it's sorted with a running engine too

  • Did you solve the problem? Show a photo ;-)