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Hello friends! I'm hoping to pick up my first Versys soon. I'd love your thoughts on this bike. Specifically, the black peel at the base of the red tank and fairings - what is this? Thanks!

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  • I'd be all over the '15.

  • The later model us a far better bike a lot smoother and better looking (in my opinion )I have a 2010 and a 2015

  • Price seems fair from a dealer. But I'd lean towards the 2015. 2010-up got a lot smoother, at least based on mine and the ones I've ridden. No wrong choices here.

  • I've had a 2010 and a 2015 . Can safely say the newer versions are much smoother to ride. Way less vibration through the bars and pegs

    The 2015 on is the biggest improvement. Fully rubber mounted engine and rubber mounted handlebars

    Loving mine

  • Yeah, $4,000 is a bit steep for a 2008, especially when I was finding 2011's with half the mileage in Springfield, MA for about $5,000. This was AFTER I already bought my 2008, of course. ;)

  • That's just some trim that covers wiring. I've seen that bike listed for at least 6 months now. I regularly check newyork craigslist for versys. Check tires for cupping, tank for rust and proper fueling/FI light because it may have been sitting for a while. If you see it, like it, and make an offer, definitely negotiate down.

  • any advice on negotiating an overstock 2015 650 from the dealer? things I definitely ought to ask for etc?

  • As many oem accessories like panniers, top case and spot lights, as they are the expensive ones

  • this saga is to be continued - the 2015 was sold already :(

  • There's a new, leftover 2014 650 ABS on CycleTrader, it's in Philly. $4999.

  • that's what I'm talking about!

  • And the saga lives on! What are your thoughts on a 2015 650 LT with 4K miles for 5.3k (private sale not a dealer)

  • Price seems a bit high for a private owner to me. As a point of reference, I bought my brand-new leftover 2013 and 2015 for 4999.

  • Hmm. Sounds like you got some great deals - definitely no such deals near where I am

  • Khristopher yes, that was an outstanding deal, and I actually paid less for the V than my 2002 zr7s... but I know these are others in the group who had similar ones. The good part is with a private party you may have a fair amount of negotiation room on the price.