Kevin Merchant shared a link to the group: The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society.


Will it really make that much difference?

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  • I have had the gpz 900, 600 and gpx 600 but it didn't impressed me. The Only advantage those 600cc have are the 16 inch wheels.

  • I am on about the 500

  • The same engine than the er5 and kle 500 has.. That's way to slow for me! I had an kle 500 but it's a shitty bike!

  • Perhaps you need more practice getting the best out of a small engine

  • Who wants to race to work anyway

  • I only race the way back home

  • Yup

  • Jesse Olislagers ditto!

  • No, I rather have an zzr250 or cb 500 to drive.

  • been looking at bits, what`s Rock Oil like, seems to be popping up as reccomended for zzr

  • Never used rock oil tbh.

  • i

  • I have my own full engineering workshop lathes milling machines etc etc etc were i can play all day custom bike bits etc so yes i race to work :)

  • Got a piper cross on ours, apparently (according to the box) it gives an extra 7bhp... Can't say I can tell any difference from the standard, as it was one of the first things we changed before putting her on the road.

    Sadly, it looks like piper cross knew the C wasn't capable of handling the extra power so only made it for the D :D

  • You've already got a K&N filter in there, Kevin...!

  • Yip found out about that today .. Result