KD moms we been home for little more than 2 weeks now and my daughter is very...

KD moms,we been home for little more than 2 weeks now and my daughter is very cranky at the moment i gave her a acetaminophen suppository at 9pm and she still uncomfortable with ,when should i call an ambulance? i dont want to exagerate...

  • Does she have any other symptoms? What's her age?

  • she just turned 2 a month ago,she woke up crying at 8pm and hasn't stop since then,i gave her a suppository around that time,she threw up once,her rash is showing,she takes short naps (12-30minutes) then wakes up crying and doesnt want to be touched, also i noticed trouble breathing but im not concern because i think is because she is been crying a lot. also she points her ears and head so im not sure what is hurting...is very frustrating not being able to help her to feel better

  • Is she running a fever

  • warm-not fever.

  • Obviously if you feel she needs immediate assistance, call 911. Doesn't sound to me like reoccurring KD. There are a ton of viral illnesses going around. If she's complaining of ear pain, more than likely sounds like an ear infection, which causes irritability, pain, etc

  • Do you have Motrin. That will work better than Tylenol.

  • yes i have motrin,ill give her some in about an hr....thank u so much Jessica Scalea Jobe ♡ but im taking her to the er tomorrow morning. just to be on the safe side...this is my first time dealing with KD,and everything scares me.

  • Watch for fever. That would be the main concern for relapse. However, irritability, not being themselves, and trouble sleeping is common for quite some time following KD. It took my daughter at least 3 months to even begin to seem normal again. As Jessica mentioned, there are many viruses going around. Personally, I wouldn't call an ambulance, but maybe wait and contact the doctor in the morning if you are still concerned.

  • thank u so much shannon i will take her in the morning. ♡

  • I have three sons, my youngest is 3 months post KD. All three came down with the flu, then a GI bug. After the flu, my post KD baby developed roseola. It's terrifying to have our babies so sick with KD, then get sick afterwards. You automatically think KD, just keep an eye on her. Try Motrin. Warm compresses on the ear she's complaining of.

  • I spent two days at the doctors with my post KD baby. So I understand. Speaking from a nurse point of view, I can attest of the nasty viruses going around. Here's to hoping you all get some rest. And she feels better. Also, if it's been 4 hours since Tylenol you can give her Motrin. :)

  • oh awesome,ill give it to her when she wakes up i want her to rest a little

  • Get some rest mama. You're doing the right thing.

  • Poor baby I hope she feels better soon. It does sound like a virus but I strongly believe in "mommy instinct" so do what you think is best. Better safe that sorry. ❤

  • No Motrin if she is on asiprin.

  • Our pediatrician, cardiologist, & infectious disease said the benefits of Motrin outweighed the slight risk for the short amount of time we were using it; especially Since it's an acute illness, such as an ear infection/flu/cold. Long term Motrin use is not recommended but for pain & fever relief, you should be fine. But You can always call & ask.

  • My son is sick now with this common cold. He told me if he start to run a fever do two hours Tylenol and then two hours motrin. But told me if the fever cannot be controlled and gets above 100 to take my son to ER

  • im at the pediatrician now,she still in pain hopefully she will feeling better soon..♡

  • Keep us posted.

  • The pediatric doctor at Chop (Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia) said no Motrin. I hope she feels better. My grandson is 3 and about 4 weeks post KD and on low dose asprin. What ever works best for you.

  • We are 3 weeks out. Our kiddo cries a lot especially in the middle of the night. We were told the irritability can take a long time to go away.

  • update: they didnt find anything wrong with her :-/ im glad they didnt,but then why was she in that much pain?..they will follow up with her tuesday.