• Can anyone tell me where this lead goes — kawasaki zzr1100

    Can anyone tell me where this lead goes?

    Comes from the starter motor. If I earth it, nothing happens when I try and turn the bike over, if I tap it on the positive side of the battery the starter motor turns over (without pressing the start button). To me it looks like an earth.

    Bike is almost done, just trying to sort out the electrics.


    Photos from Mark Rodway's post — kawasaki zzr1100

    So one relaxing Sunday afternoon my wife and I went to the local club and while she went to order our dinner, I collected a schooner of Tooheys New at the bar (Jasmine doesn’t drink), then sat down to browse through the Gumtree bike sales (filtered for ‘Kawasaki’ of course). There on the first page was an un-restored 1976 twin disc Diamond Brown Z1-B/Z900 for sale (deceased estate) and the seller was only asking $2000 (AUD) for it. The listing stated that the exhaust and seat cover were the only non-standard parts on the bike. Now this advert had only been listed for 40mins so without a second thought I immediately gave him a call to offer his asking price.

    Bugger!!! You guessed it, he apologised for it sold in the first three minutes. When I expressed my heartfelt disappointment he asked why he had received more than a dozen calls so soon after listing it. I enquired, ‘do you not know about these iconic bikes?’ ‘No’ he said, ‘I’m not into bikes at all, this was my dad’s bike and it was left in his estate, actually nobody in my family knows anything about bikes and that’s why I need to get rid of it, why?’ So I explained what might have been had he sold it at market value. He was so appreciative for the time I took to explain that he said, ‘tell you what, if the buyer doesn’t front with the money tomorrow, it’s yours; not at it’s street value but at the advertised price simply ‘cause you seem to know your bikes and I’m sure you’d take care of dads; OK?’

    Well what can I say; I didn’t get a call the next morning (stands to reason I guess). So everyone, my advice is, don’t let a moment pass you by, you never know when your next opportunity will present itself.

    PS. If I get lucky I’ll not be selling my ZZR1100-D5, or my ZL1000, or my GPz750 Turbo...


    G day fellas — kawasaki zzr1100

    G'day fellas.

    I've got a lovely old C model zzr1100.

    The issue is that it doesn't have a fuel gauge and this being Australia servos (gas stations) can be few and far apart out in the country side. I would love to get out and explore. but the one issue that is constantly in the back of my mind is how much fuel have a got left.

    So I'm wondering what everyone's average fuel consumption is. Doesnt bother me if you have a newer model. If everyone could just put there model and fuel economy that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks heaps everyone.


    I think I broke my bike I left my D1 on an optimate over winter but didn t... — kawasaki zzr1100

    I think I broke my bike... I left my D1 on an optimate over winter but didn't start it for a few months. the carbs must have run dry when the petrol evaporated and now it starts and runs on the choke but dies completely when the choke is off. Even when riding it with the choke on it runs like a pig and kangaroos down the road in like it has severe fuel starvation. What can I do?.. it was running sweetly when I parked her in the garage last november. Can anyone help?


    I can hardly believe that the beast is back up and running used her yesterday... — kawasaki zzr1100

    I can hardly believe that the beast is back up and running, used her yesterday and today to go to and from college and seems absolutely fine, holding all fluids and running sweet with some premium fuel. Fuel cap lock was seized this morning, didn't have wd40 but a hammer and some coconut oil and its good as new. Almost a year with it being in pieces and getting parts from different places of the world, how sweet it is to finally be back out and about on two wheels, a massive thank you to everyone on here as I'm 100% I wouldn't have been able to ride it again without you. The most genuine, friendly vehicle page I'm part of, and proud to be :)

    Too long, didn't read: Thank you everyone


    Is there a trick to get the exhaust to line up properly The headers go into... — kawasaki zzr1100

    Is there a trick to get the exhaust to line up properly? The headers go into the exhaust ports fine but the mounting bracket down under the engine is way off, iv tried loosening the header clamps to be able to wiggle the headers more, it helped abit but the mounting bracket still won't line up.

    Please don't roast me, trying to put the bike back together after its been sitting in the shed in pieces for years

    Model C bike with a model D engine


    Guys — kawasaki zzr1100


    Zzr1100 d1

    Just doing the brake master cylinder , used new seal kit and as I'm bleeding brakes get it running clear but can hear a small hiss of air from lever / piston area can't get full firm feel on lever

    Any help appreciated



    Allright guys ignition timing adjustment time Now you can buy a new timing... — kawasaki zzr1100

    Allright guys, ignition timing adjustment time. Now you can buy a new timing wheel which will give you a +4 degrees of iginition timing, but you can also do it yourself with a file and some patience.

    Now the question is, where to file.. Does anyone have the instructions? zx11.info posted the following, but it's not really clear to me.. What does he mean with the slot and how much is .032" in mm? Is that 0.8mm?

    Poor man's ignition advance - take your stock advancer out. Looking as if it is installed on engine, file the right side of the slot .032". Use Loctite and reinstall so the filed side of the slot is on the split pin.(counter-clockwise).


    Am I missing something I ve been riding just about every make and model bike... — kawasaki zzr1100

    Am I missing something. I've been riding just about every make and model bike since I could hold up my 71 sl70. EX 250 500 ZX ZXR 600 750 900 ( GPZ'S ALSO ) KZ LTD 400 440 Chain belt drive shaft Spectre , 2 stroke 500 and 750's

    KLR , new zx10r , 88 zx10 old school, z1 900.... etc.. etc.. and this list is also for as many if not more of Hondas, Yamahas, and Suzuki... CBR R1 GSXR...... But my one question is, why do the C model guys call the D model guys "slower"?? My 95 ZX11 has the basic 4 done ( air filter, full 4-1 exhaust, carb jetting sync, and advance ) and out of every bike over all the years, my 95 zx11 will non stop wrap the speedo, with a top speed (gps) higher than any and all I've ever owned. Well except for the 99 busa that was really one I couldn't keep for long ( didn't have gps, but I can guarantee you that one was the King!! ) What is this "C" model thing I keep seeing??? I went from the 84 GPZ900 to the 88 ZX10, to the 89 zx7, to the 95 zx11 (which I still have) , to the 98 zx9r ,to the 04 zx10r . How did I miss the "C" model greatness??? What did I miss??? Fill me in please someone.


    Photos from Marshall Robinson's post — kawasaki zzr1100

    Well I removed the alternator out of my ZZR1100.

    It is an internally regulator unit.

    It is charging at 19.5 volts when running.

    Should be 14.2 v.

    So the thing is that I am a pensioner and I need to find a replacement alternator or regulator or an auto electrician who could help me.

    At a decent cost.

    I'm not looking for a hand out.

    I can and do pay my way.

    But the prices for parts for a 1991 ZZR in Australia are just a joke.

    And to the motor cycle mechanics who said why would I bother? ?

    It's my bike.

    That's why.

    I don't have money falling out my bum to buy a new one.

    And I am very fond of the Kwaka.

    I have had lots of advise and offers of help, from the other side of the planet.

    And while I am so very greatful.

    The cost of post etc makes it more than a little prohibitive.

    I am hoping that someone in Australia can be of assistance.

    Brisbane would be beyond outstanding because I am Brisbane Northside.

    Pictures of the alternator attached.

    (If I can get it to work )

    Thanks to anyone for help/reading this.



    Photos from John Doh's post — kawasaki zzr1100

    So after my ride out today I've decided to sell my lovely ZZR 1100. It's a 1999 D7 in great original condition and fully HPi clear. The V5 is in my name and will come with some nice extras including Oxford heated grips and an Oxford disc lock, both items nearly new. I've recently added clear indicator lenses which make a big difference to the way she looks...

    The bike starts on the button and rides faultlessly. She's only done 35k and you'd not know it looking at her.... I'm looking for offers in the region of £1700... I'm located near Manchester.... thanks


    Got issues lads — kawasaki zzr1100

    Got issues lads.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

    I am the proud owner of a 1991 "C" ZZR1100.

    The issue is, it is changing at 19.5 volts when running and on a decent ride it boils the battery dry.

    As we all know it should be no higher than 14.2.

    And to top it off.

    Living in the ass end of the planet, Australia.

    And the way people throw shit away.

    Finding replacement part's is becoming an issue that is way too frustrating to be real.

    I have been turned away and insulted by half a dozen bike shops who said "why would you bother fixing an old thing like that ?"

    The simple answer is, it's MY bike.

    So in short fellas.



    Hey guys first post looking for a bit of advice — kawasaki zzr1100

    Hey guys, first post, looking for a bit of advice.

    I'm currently looking at a buying a 93, D1 zzr1100. I've asked the owner to send me over a video of it running, which he did.

    the rattle at the start of the video is from a loose fairing which i'm not concerned about.. the bike was stone cold when he started it which is perfect as thats when you tend to hear the rattles and bangs..

    the question i have is does it sound right.. it sounds a little lumpy i think but to be honest i havent been around one of these yet. I had a 96 zx9 and it did run a little lump until it properly warmed up ..

    any advice at all be appreciated.


    Hi guys New to the group and new to doing my own work on my bikes so be... — kawasaki zzr1100

    Hi guys. New to the group and new to doing my own work on my bikes so be patient with me.

    I have a 1997 ZZR 1100D. Recently got a split in the radiator and managed to remove fairing, drain system and refit new radiator. So was quite happy with my little self.

    As I did that so well thought I would carry on and do the oil change and filter. However when putting new sump bolt back in I must have over-tightened it and it cracked the sump.

    I already have the sump and gasket on order and I am tempted to have a go at this myself. Looks like I will have to remove radiator again and my 4 into 2 exhaust. Is that all or do you think I will run into more trouble as I go along and other parts will have to start coming off as well.

    Any advice appreciated.



    Question 2 of the day I just did a compression test but i can t seem to find... — kawasaki zzr1100

    Question 2 of the day. I just did a compression test but i can't seem to find the "normal" values anywhere.

    I know there is something wrong, because the results are as followed:

    Cil1: 150psi

    Cil2: 117psi

    Cil3: 117psi

    Cil4: 137psi

    When you've got 2 cilinder which are right next to each other with the same result, it's a head gasket issue most of the time. Only way to find out is to take off the head. Is that doable with the engine still in the frame or is it easier to take it out? The engine will have to come out this winter anyway because I need to replace bearings on my gearbox.


    Hi all sorry for spamming in all groups I have a problem with my Zed When I... — kawasaki zzr1100

    Hi all, sorry for spamming in all groups. I have a problem with my Zed. When I let go handlebar, the bike is leaning left. When I move my right knee outside the bike it drives straight. It does not have any influence (I do not feel it) on riding with hands on handlebar :) . Recently changed tires. Also, I had a small accident. When leaving my friends place, I have lost grip at the rear, went sideways and flipped the bike on the right side. Few scratches and broken brake lever. Is it possible that frame is slightly bent? It happened by walking speed. Or maybe it happens because of a used part on my bike. What do You suggest to check? Thanks for any suggestions.


    Photos from Yuji Hashizume's post — kawasaki zzr1100

    I bought ZZR1100D1 at last September! It's red wine ZX11 ,on 1993 registreted ,11000miles and good figure but very old.

    It's first time to have Kawasaki.

    I wanna say that It have been 15 years passed since I rode Motor Bike last time. I'm actually very excited!

    Taking two monthes I finally completed to restore my baby. Completed Caburetor, Front and Rear break overhauls and equipped HID, ETC.

    It's perfect power response! I have already traveled Tokyo to Hiroshima about 1000miles on two way trip.

    I swear that I'll take care my baby at least ten years and keep good condition.


    Photos from Baz Armstrong's post — kawasaki zzr1100


    East Midlands area

    Kawasaki zzr 1100

    1993 - D1

    Dark blue 38k

    No history with bike

    V5 in my name

    Bought about a year ago as a second bike and have done the following to her

    Full service


    Air filter

    Oil filter

    Putiline semi oil

    Front and back sprockets new

    New EBC rear pads and pin kit fitted

    New rear Bridgestone B23 tyre fitted

    Both wheels polished

    New battery

    New ninja green bar grips fitted

    New adjustable brake and clutch levers fitted

    Brake and clutch fluid flushed and renewed

    4 into 1 Remus exhaust system

    Good clean bike

    Mot ran out May

    Very little needed if anything to get a new Mot

    Front brakes are a bit spongey

    Very slight fork oil weep at left seal but not bad

    Good clean bike with some small blemishes here and there

    Got my blackbird and need the space and time to concentrate on one bike

    Well worth a look for £700

    No reasonable offer refused



    Advice needed brought a ZZR1100 as a project guy said it jumps out of 2nd... — kawasaki zzr1100

    Advice needed.... brought a ZZR1100 as a project.. guy said it jumps out of 2nd gear but goes into the other gears.... well it don't go into other gears... it goes into 1st and Nautural. But then just grinds and will not go into any other gear..so I've stripped the motor down and gears all look fine... the dogs all look good. And selector arms are all within tolerance selector drum looks good........ but I've noticed the selector claw will not lift the selector drum into 2nd gear. It goes into 1st ok and Nautural BUT not 2nd 3rd 4th etc. I've changed the claw to a spare I have and it then seems to find all gears... my question is. ..could the claw be at fault. . Before I rebuild the engine. As anybody had the same problem ?.


    Tech guys I need your help I ve been strulling with this for a while and I can... — kawasaki zzr1100

    Tech guys I need your help... I've been strulling with this for a while and I can't seem to find an answer..

    I've had my engine block open a few months ago to fix my gearbox. This repair action went fine. But after reinstalling and testdriving the bike I have been struggling with the fact that the bike vibrates.

    After reading up on this issue, I found out that i had misaligned the balancer shaft that should eliminate the vibration. So i opened the engine block again and adjusted it according to the manual. This made the engine a lot smoother, but I still have too much vibration between 4500 and 5500rpm. It vibrates so much that my bodykit is making noise...

    So I thought what else could it be.. The front engine mount rubbers have been on there since the bike rolled off the assembly line, so I replaced those. Didn't work.. The vibration does decrease when I loosen the bolts on the front engine mount, but that shouldn't be the fix.

    I also adjusted the balancer shaft from the outside of the engine, didn't help either.

    What else could it be? Could it be the back engine mounts? Do you guys have any other ideas that I could try?

    It also crossed my mind that the new gearbox could be crappy, but the vibration disappears as soon as I engage the clutch (at which point the gearbox is still running in full swing). So i assume that the gearbox isn't the issue. Am I right here?

    Any idea is welcome. It is a great bike, but this is bugging the hell out of me...


    Photos from Keith Darch's post — kawasaki zzr1100

    Hi everyone, still for sale

    Unfortunately my father is having to part with his ZZR1100, I said I would post it on this website for him, would be nice to see it go too another ZZR enthusiast. This bike was the one featured in 1990 What bike magazine.

    It is going through the MOT on Friday so will have 12months, new rear tyre and pads.

    Lovely bike.


    If anyone has any questions please feel free to message me and I will get the answers for you or you can call my dad direct 07577 849361

    His name is Gary.

    Located Raby mere in the Wirral

    Many Thanks


    Right then you clever buggers out there I have a problem — kawasaki zzr1100

    Right then you clever buggers out there I have a problem,

    Keep getting moaned at for leaving indicators on (and rightly so) I have now got a buzzer to fit,thought the orange wire from the flasher unit feeding the switch would be the one and yes it does buzz in time with the indicators ,but, it also buzzes in the off position so must be a permanent feed to the indicator switch

    Any ideas or have any off you fitted a buzzer,? And where did you feed it from.

    Cheers in anticipation.

    Ps it's the faster D model on a P plate lol


    ZZR 1100 ZX11 parts for sale — kawasaki zzr1100

    ZZR 1100/ ZX11 parts for sale

    C model Oem Front & Rear wheels complete with sproket carrier

    C.model Oem front cowl

    C model After market front cowl (with twin air ducts)

    C model upper & lower yoke clamp fork steering

    C model right and left side handle bar

    C model fuel tank (black)

    C model air box

    C model rear left & right panels

    C model grab rail chromed

    C model side stand chromed

    C model instrument cluster clocks complete with white face plasma glow gauges dials

    New ZX11/ZZR1100 falicon +5mm stroker crank ( never been used)


    Here s my 94 I was just cruising along the other day 20mph and it started... — kawasaki zzr1100

    Here's my 94. I was just cruising along the other day (20mph) and it started dying out on me like it lost fuel and it just died. Couldn't get it started back up. Battery is charged, no I didn't hit the kill switch by accident, couldn't even get it to push start. Every time I hit the start button, the relay inside the junction box clicks. Or the starter solenoid lightly clicks. Starter solenoid is new. I've started taking the fairings off and chasing down possible broken wires. Anyone have this problem before? I've spent about 2 days looking online before crying wolf on here.