• Hello I just bought a ZXR 750 from 1989 Happens is that the colors are very... — KAWASAKI ZXR750

    Hello !!! I just bought a ZXR 750 from 1989. Happens is that the colors are very worn and I want to paint it to make it look pretty ... in its original green / white / blue color. Does anyone know the color codes / ral for paint it ??? Thanks !!!!


    I ve tried to wait to see if anything comes up on Ebay but no joy so here s a... — KAWASAKI ZXR750

    I've tried to wait to see if anything comes up on Ebay but no joy so here's a question. My lovely H2, after having loads of work done to give it a new lease of life, decided a couple of months ago to bust its timing chain :-( My garage reckons it'll be easier to just get a replacement engine than faff around with it. So, anyone know where I can get a good, running H2 engine, or give me some ideas as to what could replace it. There are a few H1s around but how much of an issue would it be to put one in? I'm really stuck at the moment unless someone has any other ideas. Based in Sheffield in the UK BTW.


    hello everybody — KAWASAKI ZXR750

    hello everybody

    anyone have a zxr750R rearend they want to sell? also looking for raceparts for my bike, wich is going into the classic superbike race


    Photos from Alex Gössel's post — KAWASAKI ZXR750

    now it becomes "german" hahaha

    the pics shows the german flyer from 89 for the H1 model. Every H 1

    or 2 i know has a polished exhaust / muffler but the flyer showing the bikes with not polished exhaust. Are there diff. between the countries where u bought the bikes or is this the kit exhaust pipe ?


    wiring question — KAWASAKI ZXR750

    wiring question,

    the dip on one of my headlights has stopped working. ive checked with a tester and theres no power going to it. the fuse under the seat is ok. is there another fuse ive missed?

    help!! i really hate wiring


    Photos from Peter McIver's post — KAWASAKI ZXR750

    Evening all, i'm in the process of rebuilding a H2 that i've just picked up and being my first Kawak (i've owned over 50 Suzukis) i've got a few questions to clear up.

    1: Many of the early H1/2 series have a triangular swingarm pivot insert, the earlier ones look to be metallic with a three bolt fixing and the later ones look like a simple plastic cap that covers the swingarm pivot bolt. Can you confirm the H2 should have 1 or 2 plastic caps in the recess for the swingarm pivot.

    2: The frame and engine look to be fitted for (but not with) cylinder head to frame mounting bolts to make the engine a stressed member. Were these a dormant design feature in both engine and frame (the frame has the hole but no cross drill and cut to make a pinch fitting common to other stressed member fittings. (Pic attached)

    3: The Haynes manual H1/2 wiring diagram shows a neutral switch fitting for the H1 only. My loom appears to have the correct wiring in place however it is much shorter and will not reach the engine instead finishing around the battery area. Is this correct for the H2 or should there be an extra fly-lead to enable connection of the loom to the engine.

    Cheers Guys.


    Flatslide inlet adaptors for the airbox for K and M models — KAWASAKI ZXR750

    Up for sale are a set of the plastic airbox adapters for the K and M model ZXR models. They are in perfect condition. Price includes postage.

    Flatslide inlet adaptors for the airbox for K and M models

    £50 - Denny, Falkirk

    Up for sale are a set of the plastic airbox adapters for the K and M model ZXR models. They are in perfect condition. Price includes postage.


    Hey guys — KAWASAKI ZXR750

    Hey guys

    Need to ask something

    Some of u might call me stupid for asking this.

    Ya'll know the greatest turn off for these zxr's are the intake pipes coming out of the head light fairing and going in from above the gas tank, is it okay to take them off? Or will it damage my engine or its running in anyway?


    So a couple of weeks ago I ran out of fuel even though it was not on reserve... — KAWASAKI ZXR750

    So a couple of weeks ago I ran out of fuel even though it was not on reserve after some explanation today the fuel trickles out even though it's very low in the tank and if I put it on reserve it comes out much much faster and I have come to the conclusion that some sort of seal has perished inside the fuel tap! So two questions

    Does this sound right?

    And is it an easy job to swap seals?

    I'm expecting a boobytrap with springs and tiny things that disappear


    What else can i rrmove lighten on my 750m trackbike I currently have it down... — KAWASAKI ZXR750

    What else can i rrmove/lighten on my 750m trackbike. I currently have it down to 180kg with oil and coolant in (no fuel). I have lightweight battery, wiring loom reduced to minimal, lights, clocks, fairing bracket junked, rear subframe removed, all brackets etc removed if not needed, 520 chain conversion, rad fan and stat removed.

    I want to keep starter and generator.

    I keep hearing about some frame rubbers or something that reduce vibration, anyone heard of this. I cant afford zx10r front and rear end conversion. Must be cheap or free lightening.

    Anything i can do with the engine to reduce reciprocating weight. Crank is obvious but what about clutch basket etc?



    Photos from Michael Ziraschi's post — KAWASAKI ZXR750

    ZXR M Model - Need a set of intake boots

    Hey guys, anyone have a set of stock intake boots (the ones on TOP of the flatslides between the carb inlet and the stock airbox, not the manifold side between the carb and the motor)

    Close to having an M I picked up back on the road. But when removing the stock airbox...one of the boots was brittle and broke. I have a set of CV boots if anyone wants to trade (won't fit the flatslides obviously) or if someone has a set sitting around for use with a stock M airbox, please give me a shout.

    Can easily pay by paypal. Cheers.


    Here s one for you took the h1 out for a bit of a run got back and left it... — KAWASAKI ZXR750

    Here's one for you, took the h1 out for a bit of a run, got back and left it running for a bit, temp gauge got to about half way and stays there, turned the bike off and it sounds like it's ready to make a cup of tea, can hear it boiling. Expansion bottle has gone from just over min, to over max. Any ideas. Can still hear it gurgling now 10 mins later. :-o


    Photos from Hans Kwant's post — KAWASAKI ZXR750

    te koop mooie Kawasaki zxr750r

    bj 1995


    de motor ziet er goed uit

    recent nieuwe accu

    veel accessoires oa

    xenon verlichting

    led knipperlichten

    led knipperlichten in de spiegels

    speciale handels


    start onderbreker

    dikke einddemper

    goed op de banden


    motor loopt op het moment niet

    ik denk iets met de brandstof pomp

    tel 0629280075


    Hallo — KAWASAKI ZXR750


    Danke für die Annahme :)

    Habe seid Samstag meinen A2 Führerschein und habe mir gestern diese auf Naked umgebaute ZXR 750 L bj 94 zugelegt.

    Suche eine Drossel am besten eine alpha.

    Kann mir jemand weiterhelfen wo ich eine her bekomme oder hat jemand zufällig eine abzugeben ?

    Grüsse an die Community und allzeit gute fahrt


    Photos from Enrico Rumori's post — KAWASAKI ZXR750

    Vendesi, a vendre, for sale, zu verkaufen, se vende.

    Only for trackday or competitions, the bike has italiano document, has also italian motorbike federation documents for vintage racing. Better than a new bike. Many acessories are o the bike, the bike was completely rebuilded in 2013.