Guys I am planning on picking up a 14 in the next month or so. I test rode a brand spanker yesterday (it only had 2km on the clock), and I loved it. The only issue I had was my sciatica (which is pretty bad), dosnt like the leg position. I have been told that you can get adjustable pegs that will allow me to move my legs down and forward about 2 inches.

My question is, do any of you on here have these pegs fitted and if you live around brisbane area, would you be willing to let me throw a leg over (not ride it, just park the ass) and see if these pegs would allow me to get my hands on one of these beasts?



So after fifteen years of ownership of a Honda Blackbird I ve come across to... — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

So after fifteen years of ownership of a Honda Blackbird I've come across to the dark side. With the help of my son in law Brad Browning we found this immaculate 2012 zx14r,with six thousand kms on the clock.Im blown away with the power this beast has!


To my fellow ZX1400 riders REMEMBER this 2017 Year is not only about changing... — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

To my fellow ZX1400 riders REMEMBER this 2017 Year is not only about changing the Dates but Direction;

It's not about changing the Calendar but Commitment;

It's not about changing the Actions but Attitude;

It's not about changing the Fruit but Faith, Force and Focus!

May you Commit and Create the best New Year ever and My best wishes for you, Great start for Jan, Love for Feb, peace for March, No worries for April, fun for May, Joy for June to Nov, Happiness for Dec.

Have a lucky and wonderful 2017 God Bless You All with lots of love joy and happiness



Selling my Top Sellerie seat. Cost me about $700 just over a year ago and it supposed to be a lowered seat but something got lost in the English to French translation (it's a French company) Basically it is a tad higher than the stock seat and due to a recent foot injury I need every lower millimeter I can get. It is a touch more comfy than the stock seat but the pillion seat is far and away superior to the stock seat. Great if you take a pillion a lot. Selling for $250. I'm located in Vincentia, NSW and can price up postage if anyone is interested.


Any of you who ride a 14r also own ride a smaller bike I ve only owned a... — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

Any of you who ride a 14r also own/ride a smaller bike? I've only owned a Blackbird and the 14r so I don't know better. The Blackbird was a barge and the 14 is heaps better but still gets left behind on the tight twisties. I don't know if I'm at the limit of my riding ability or if a lighter bike will be easier to throw around corners.



Fly removal.......

Anyone done it? 2010 model. Is it worth doing on this model or did they have their stuff sorted by then?

Read a fair few forums, people say they run lean at low to mid rpm due to more air unless ecu is flashed.

Anyone know if this is the actual case or is it just people's opinions, and the ecu manages to compensate for it?



Photos from Leif Acworth's post — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

Hey guys!I only recently bought my zx14 R and I got to say I love it!

It is such an easy bike to ride, a very tame beast when commuting, but it gets up and boogies when you open the taps on it.

It corners great for a big sporty too.

My partner and I love our bikes, I also have a Triumph Daytona T595 and my partner has a triumph America and a kawasaki vulcan s.

If anyone has any suggestions on mods or tuning for the zx id love to chat.

Also I'm thinking about getting a power commander, has anyone had one installed? Are they worth getting? Do I really need more power? *insert Tim Allen grunt*



Hey guys a little help — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

Hey guys, a little help~

So i just flashed and tuned my gen 2, and its kind of acting weird..

If i drop the rpm a little, then hold it for awhile.. theres a power cut and the rpm just keeps dropping no matter how much more i twist..

Went back to the garage and they say it could be the ktrc, as the bike was tuned in "off". I tried again this morning without ktrc and same issue..

Any ideas? Ill be brining it back again after work today.. but some info would be good.. in case they cant figure it out..


Photos from Michael Guess's post — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

Hi all since getting my bike two weeks ago ive only managed to get out for a two hour ride.

This week i spotted oil underneath her and this is what ive found, i sprayed some degreaser on and hosed off but she still leaks.

I've called the shop teammoto only to here its a 10 year old bike so they don't need to help, thankfully i took out extra warranty so she is covered. This shop says they do a 40+ inspection before they hit the road.

I asked if that was done only to here maybe it happened since ive had her, the engine is thick with dried oil so i thnk no. Ok sir maybe we didn't check. Not at one point a apology was given. Excuse my bad grammar people.


The Great ROT Tassie tour 2017 3 4 5 6 7 Mar 2017 — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

The Great ROT Tassie tour 2017, 3,4,5,6,&7 Mar 2017.

Ok next years ROT Tassie Tour is going to be a little different. We plan to stay in Strahan for 2 day on this trip. It will be a 5 day trip and people can join and leave the trip as they want. Total trip distance 966 K’s

At both St Helens there are 2 types of accommodation but everyone is welcome to find their own accommodation if they wish. Note it is up to people to make their own bookings for this trip.

Please note if you are a member of RACT please let accommodation places at time of booking as it could save you some dollars! Also I am trying to get a ROT discount at the caravan parks.

Day 1.

Richmond for breakfast at Czegs’ Café at 8:30 AM and leaving Richmond at 10:00 AM. Our first stop will be at Orford then on to Swansea & Bicheno for Lunch. After stopping in Bicheno for lunch we will head for our first overnight stop point at St Helens. 231 K’s

Day 2.

St Helen’s, Bridport, George Town, for lunch then Exeter, Latrobe and to our 2nd nights stay at Sheffield. 291 K’s

Day 3.

Sheffield, Cradle Mountain Tullah, Rosebery for lunch the Zeehan then on to Strahan for our 3rd & 4th nights stay.

Day 4.

Staying in Strahan where peoples can either do the train ride, Franklin River Cruise or a ride in the area. 0 K’s


Strahan, to Queenstown, lunch at Derwent Bridge, then to Ouse and finally to the Bush Inn at New Norfolk for an after ride drink 188 K’s


St Helens

Tidal Waters Resort……………….63761999

Big 4 St Helen’s Holiday park….1300559745


Shef field Motor Inn………………..64911800


Str ahan Village……………………..64714200

Strahan Holiday Park……………..64717442

https://www.google.com.au/maps /dir/Richmond+Tasmania/Swansea +TAS/St+Helens+TAS/Bridport+TA S/Exeter,+Tasmania/Latrobe ,+TAS/Sheffield+TAS/Strahan+TAS/Queenstown+TAS/Bus h+Inn,+New+Norfolk+TAS/@-41.8913441,146.791177,8z/ data=!4m32!4m31!1m2!1m1!1s0xaa6e0bd5f11df203:0x403 c94dd0de0b70!1m2!1m1!1s0xaa719d6b225a1369:0x403c94 dd0ddfe50!1m2!1m1!1s0xaa7721203ffc86d3:0x503c94dd0 de1330!1m2!1m1!1s0xaa79b7cf6d811c9f:0x403c94dd0dde 8d0!1m2!1m1!1s0xaa7a1a587876f3f5:0x403c94dd0ddeb30 !1m2!1m1!1s0xaa7a363f8e067bd7:0x403c94dd0ddede0!1m 2!1m1!1s0xaa7a48b5cdd638cb:0x403c94dd0ddf470!1m2!1 m1!1s0xaa653dc405e435ed:0x403c94dd0de02c0!1m2!1m1! 1s0xaa6536ea9ee38a1b:0x403c94dd0de0270!1m2!1m1!1s0 xaa6e6b633e94247f:0x9b038b88afc31469!3e0


So fellow zx14 lovers in doing my first big trip in April next year across... — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

So fellow zx14 lovers in doing my first big trip in April next year across Australia from Albany wa to Ballarat / Melbourne my 2 things. Best tips for long roads like this ? And can anyone tell me what maintenance has to be done prior? So far my list is - tyres, brake pads, rotors, coolant and oil + hoses and wheel bearings . Do I need to change the sprockets and chain? Original chain and sprockets they have done 12000km or would they be okay ?By the time I am done probably lookin at a total of 7500 - 8000km trip.




This months ROT Bike Of The Month has to go to Andy Gerding's beautiful 'Basket Case' 1981 XS1100RH. Andy have done a fantastic job in bringing this beautiful bike back to like and adding his own special touch's to it.

Bike details: 'Basket Case' 1981 XS1100RH. Fuel tank is 1978 XS1100 Classic with relocated custom fuel filler (Mini Cooper S Monza Cap). Leather and aluminium tank strap made by me. Custom fiberglass Seat cowl made by me, hand stitched leather seat by 'Bazz' Gilbert. Triple clamp mods by me, clip on handle bars with aftermarket brake master cylinder and Posh grips. After market stainless steel braided brake lines. Custom wiring by me, lithium ion battery, Acewell speedo, aftermarket headlight, aftermarket ignition switch and fuse box. Aftermarket LED tail light and indicators, all 'E' stamped ADR compliant. Custom paint jade green base with 6 coats of candy plus gold metal flake and several layers of clear coat. Hand pinstriped in custom gold colour paint and matched on the rims and brake and clutch lever perches. Race number is done in 24ct gold leaf. Frame is two pack gloss black. All paint by Darren Turner. Engine is XS1100 with Dyna performance coils, four into one with custom short reverse megaphone muffler by Motorcycle Exhaust Specialists in QLD. Carbs are brand new Mikuni RS36 Smooth bore Flat Slide Race Carbs with POD filters. All fabrication, mechanicals and electrics were done by me. Special mention to Milton Matuschka for his guidance and advice.


I m after advice on luggage and weight distribution while touring — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

I'm after advice on luggage and weight distribution while touring.

On my last trip to the Snowies (NSW) with top box and soft panniers the tyre wear was more pronounced in the centre with definite flattening of the crown of the tyre.

This was despite all of the enthusiastic twisty mountain riding being without the gear on the bike, so it was really the upright freeway riding - two thirds of the total distance travelled - that did the damage.

The next tour will be with all gear on the bike travelling to different overnight stops each day.

Is it better to carry the bulk of the weight in the panniers with only lighter stuff in a tank bag and a tail bag on the pillion seat ?

Very keen not to repeat the mistakes of the past with a new set of PR4's now fitted ready for the next excursion.


Stephen Derham shared a link to the group: KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA. — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

Hello all,

Apologies if not premitted, this is for the Canberra leg however click on the ride link to get information of a ride in your area.

The Black Dog Ride 1 Dayer Canberra 20th March 2016 is on again this year and is a great days ride for a worthwhile cause, "Raising awareness of Depression and Suicide Prevention" all proceeds to go to LifeLine Canberra.

Details of the ride are on the link below;

http://www.blackdogride.com.au /view/rides

To register click on the below link;

https://www.eventbrite.com.au/ e/2016-canberra-act-1-dayer-re gistration-19747027892

Merchandise for the ride is available on the day however I will have limited numbers due to postage charges from WA, order online and guarantee you product(s), especially 'Winston'.

http://shop.blackdogride.com.a u/collections/frontpage

Ride begins at 0800hrs (8 am) with registrations, BBQ breakfast, coffee available, 1000 hrs (10 am) departure for a stop at Braidwood Lions Club at 1115 hrs (11.15 am) for morning tea/coffee, 1300 hrs (1 pm) finish at Corrigans Beach Reserve.


Hey guys just been talking with a mate about my 2010 zx14 and this probably isn... — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

Hey guys just been talking with a mate about my 2010 zx14 and this probably isn't an issue but just wondering if anyone else has the same thing ... You have that solid clunk everyone gets changing from neutral too first but I seem to have a pretty "solid" change through all the gears ? Perfectly normal? running 10w40 fully synthetic oil


Photos from Anthony Soutar's post — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

Well the last Long Ride for 2015 went without a hitch today and concidering how close to Christmas it is we had a great turn up.

All up 378 k's of varying weather conditions. The temp went from 7 degrees up to 28 degrees and back again. We saw the sights of Richmond, Tee Tree Road, Granton, Gretna, Hamiltion, Ouse & Derwent Bridge. On the trip home we stopped at the Bush Inn at New Norfolk and caught up with Shaka's.

Great ride and thank you everyone for coming along and making it a fantastic trip.

This year has been a pretty good year with few incidents and the ROT will be powering on next year.

Have a good New Year, Dutchy & Shirena


Tech heads can i pick your brains please This is the only aussie page i could... — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

Tech heads can i pick your brains please. This is the only aussie page i could find sorry. Nightmare running issues with my zed, little brother, zzr1100, d model, starts easy, warms up fine, rides fine. Give it a gutfull and it pulls hard and smooth right through the rev range in 1st half way through2nd it dies in the arse and conks out, pulling the choke on is the only way to keep it going, pull over wait a min or two and away she goes again only to do the same thing! Its getting plenty of clean fuel, carbs rebuilt, did use old slides and diaphrams as they were fine, replaced coils plugs leads, ic ignitor, fuel pump and relay, ohm tested the pick up coil, its within spec. Three 'proffesional' bike mechanics had it for weeks and cant figure it out. Please help.! Anyideas at all?


Guys need an urgent advice My engine never heats up The normal temperature... — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

Guys need an urgent advice. My engine never heats up. The normal temperature during peak traffic reaches max 97/98 degrees and cools down to 89 that's when the fans go off. 4 weeks ago I faced the problem of heating where it would start touching 101-104 degrees. I changed the coolant and air filter and everything was perfect. Back to normal. After that had a 1300 km touring, went well. Today surprisingly again the bike heated upto 100-101 degrees. Something unusual. No engine sounds nothing.

It's just been 3700 Kms since my last oil change. My bike has done 13700 Kms. It's. 2013 abs.

Jakarta traffic is bad. And with bad I mean it can take anywhere between 30-60 minutes to cover a distance as close as 8-10 Kms.

Am thinking of going in for an early oil change but then wondering my previous oil changes also were at 5000 Kms and the circumstances are still the same.

Kindly advice on what could be the possible reason for the heating ? Worried.


Guys. big reach out here to Perth or close by owners — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

Guys .. big reach out here to Perth or close by owners.

Im traveling around Aus from Brisbane. Totalled my bike on Friday and bought a 2006 zx the next day.

I need a gearsack/ventura rack. The closest one is 7 days away... yep... 7 days.

I cannot move without one.

If you have one suitable on your bike i will pay you the new purchase price for yours.

Big ask but far cheaper for me than paying for accommodation and living here for the next week.

Im in Rockingham but will travel as needed to pick up.




Photos from Anthony Soutar's post — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

Another beaut Tassie day and another great ROT ride. The day started pretty cool but sunny at Richmond with about 57 bikes turning up. There were new and some old faces in the crowd which was pleasing to see. The run over to Orford was pretty quiet and from then up to Swansea for lunch at the Bark Mill. After lunch some headed straight home from there while others pushed on for Campbell Town and then back to Colebrook via Mudwalls and finally ending up back in Richmond for an after ride drink. All up 320 k's for me and had the very best time on the Mudwalls Road were I was able to unleash the hounds of speed on the Blaster. A big thanks to everyone that came along also thanks to Rob & Ned for removing the log off the East Coast Road after Triabunna. Also thank you to the new riders for that way you all rode and the way people stuck with them. Oh and last but not the least, thanks to the guy's that rode down from Launceston to Swansea and catch up with us.

TTFN until next month, regards Dutchy.


Just had my 2012 zx14r rebuilt from the crank up for the second time due to a... — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

Just had my 2012 zx14r rebuilt from the crank up for the second time due to a problem with bearing journals on the conrods failing...out of warranty but kawaski came to the party bucause its the second time...bikes only done around 34,000km ...kwaka took the ecu to study data against other zx14r,s which may have had the same problem... its ok by me because I got a new ecu and new rebuilt engine....thanks kwaka :-)...


Photos from Cameron Tweedale's post — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

Located in Lidcombe NSW, 17,500km, Rego till February 2016, Serviced in May + new brakes & tyres, modifications include:

- Yoshimura R77 Slip-ons

- Flashed tuned ECU

- H&M Quickshifter

- Tail tidy

- Tinted touring screen

- Centre stand

- all original parts come with the bike

Apart from some minor scratches the bike is in fantastic condition and is truly stunning to ride. $12,000 ono.

The bike is currently fitted with some other parts...

- ABM Superbike Handlebar Kit

- Knight Design 3/4" lowered footpegs

- GTR1400 seat

This package makes touring infinitely more comfortable especially if you're tall like me. I'm happy to sell them with or without the bike ($800 extra)

Please share if you have any friends looking at purchasing ZX14R


Photos from Mahendran Suppiah's post — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

joined the group as I am moving to Australia with Family from the UK. Sadly as I have not owned the bike long enough, I am not able to ship my pride and joy into Australia. Wife is from Sydney and my new job.

Looking forward to buy another ZZR 1400 or ZX-14R as they name it in AUS when I get there, probably will be looking to this facebook are advise on places to buy from and insurance companies to avoid and any other road gotcha's.

Flying out on Sept this year so hopefully join some ride outs.


I m looking for someone who can offer me some advice and help with the problem — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

I'm looking for someone who can offer me some advice and help with the problem

I have I have recently purchased a ZX14 2008 model the version that does not have the O2 sensor in the exhaust

it came with one key so today I went to my local Kawasaki dealer purchased a blank key for the bike got it cut under the recommendation that they could program it to the bike.

But apparently without the red key on the model I have they can't program it so

I am looking for information on how to get round this has anyone successfully cloned an ID from one key to another so that you have 2 keys with the same ID information but the bike thinks that it is one key?

Or is there a piece of hardware or software that will get round this problem for example some of the drag races remove the immobiliser ? I would prefer to keep it but if it's my only option to have a spare key

the way they were planning on programming it was by using the OBD plug and uploading the new key information to the computer but to their chagrin and my displeasure this particular model won't allow that.

With the supplied Kawasaki software.

Does someone know of a generic piece of software that is capable of achieving the changes?

I vaguely remember reading something about Wallach racing unlocking functions on the bar ECM

do I have some hope of this being one of the features they have managed to unlock?

Any advice or assistance would be appreciated


Today young Alicia Triffitt AKA Smurf went back to work to a 12 hour shift and... — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

Today young Alicia Triffitt AKA Smurf went back to work to a 12 hour shift and as usual no biggy for this very courageous you girl. As you all know she she has been a pretty sick girl in the last 12 months. She said to me the other day she could not understand why people like and care so much for her. My answer was simple, it is because you go about your business in a quiet manner, you don't have to be the centre of attention and that you have more courage than many people I know. There has been many times I have seen in this girl in her eyes she was in so much pain and yet not one whinge or complaint from her. Well done Smurf and thank you for the example you has shown many of many of us.


Just a quick update on the Smurf She is currently doing very well and her new... — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

Just a quick update on the Smurf. She is currently doing very well and her new kindney Jeff is waking up fine and health. As always she is still smiling and taking each day as it comes in her usual non fussed quiet way. She is riding once again and putting more stuff on her bike Cookie. It amazes me that everywhere she goes she wins the hearts of people. On Saturday Smurf and I called into Moto Veechia Cafe where the staff all loved her. She a very special young woman that many could take a leaf out of her book.


Photos from Anthony Soutar's post — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

Quick overview of the ROT Tassie Tour 2015.

This years tour worked out to be pretty simple. I think we all enjoyed it. The secret is pretty simple, good people, good food, good roads all adds up to a great time had by all. There is no bullshit, no clicks, no crap and no hurry. For me it is always about my mates, my bike the road and of course my girl Shirena. I think the 4 days and 880 k's works the best, we're people are free to come and go as they please. The route is simple and we all know where we are going to end up and it really doesn't matter how we get there. Thanks to everyone who came along on the 2015 tour and look forward to next year which I have already worked out. A special thanks to Steve Burn for his support and advise as always, also thank you to the admin team. See you next year.


Hey guys bit of a nerdy one — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

Hey guys - bit of a nerdy one.

For the people here who've tuned their bikes what do you do with the STPs (secondary throttle plates)?

I know on the earlier 14s you could pull them off. At the moment I've got them open all the time, and can't really fault it. But I've been told that keeping them closed down low improves low end torque because of the venturi effect or something that I don't totally understand.

And some of the maps that I've found on the Woolich racing map share has them closed till about 3000RPM and then they start opening.

Tuners here - what do you do/recommend?


Photos from Anthony Soutar's post — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

Hi everyone and thank you all for a fantastic ride and day in general. The day started at Richmond on a beautiful Tassie summers day. From there it was a pretty quick ride to Orford we're we met up with several other riders heading up the east coast for the day.

Once we arrived at Swansea the temp for the day started to rise.

We finally arrived at Orford after playing falling tree branches that came off some stupid old fart's unsecured load. But we got there in one piece thanks to quick road skills and some luck. Lunch at Coles Bay was great and thank you all for the Happy birthday and sharing in my great cake made by Aron Harvey.

Today I did not want my birthday to overshadow what this day was really about, which gladly it didn't. Today is always a hard day for me and I try very hard to make it really about John, Phil, Matt and Adam. I think they still ride with us and while one person carries their memory in their heart they always will. Thank you all for coming down to the beach for our simple service to our past ROT riders.

I will also say Matt Mcintyre did a great job of cementing Chinese/Australian relations, even after a bus load of them try to put him off the road.

The run home was not without incident what with idiot tourists on the wrong side of the road trying to ram us, Chinese tourists deciding to stop dead centre of the road with no indicators with a ZX14R bearing down on them at speed and some peanut who tried to launch a canoe cover at myself & Johnno on the Buckland Strait.

A big thanks also to the Northern ROT for making the trip as well.

In end we all made it back to Richmond for an after ride drink and wild tails of surviving Tourist riddled roads. All up 450 or so k's. And again thank you everyone especially Kris Tiggelaven for keeping us all entertained at Coles Bay trying to remove his seat to find his key's. Guess you know what is coming now Kris? Lol.

A special thanks to Shirena for making this amazing day special for me. To everyone thank you all for your best wishes, cards and presents.