Hi guys picked up a 15 plate z1000sx yesterday awesome bike but just a few... — Kawasaki Z1000sX


Hi guys picked up a 15 plate z1000sx yesterday awesome bike but just a few things, while riding the bike seems to have a lot of vibration I.e you can feel it all through the frame is this a feature or something wrong ha also by looking through posts on here it seems everyone has issue with the seat so is this a recommended change

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    Just wanted to share what happened to me yesterday..a elderly lady in front of me on a major roundabout had her indicator on to turn left..but she failed to turn not only on the first exit..even the second exit which is where i was intending to turn off..unfortunately for me she decided to cut right across me..causing me to slam on..managing to miss her car just..but me ending up on the floor..as you can tell by the pics some cosmetic damage was caused..but could have been much worse if it werent for crash bungs..so if you think crash bungs look silly..here's proof that they work and to what extent..the lady failed to stop btw and i walked away with bruised elbow and hip..stay safe

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      R&G tail tidy fitted. A proper PIA. Sso my thoughts: Not sure it was worth spending the extra on the R&G for the adjustability. Time will tell. The tool supplied by R&G for removing the ecu security bolt was a waste of someones time, f'ing useless and made the job so much harder not being able to drop the seat pan. The sticky back cable clips supplied also a waste of space and the instructions! I'm lost for words about those...... just a bunch of crappy pictures. It looks ok but I say again; I don't really think it's going to be worth the premium over the Evotech.

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        Hi All — Kawasaki Z1000sX

        Hi All,

        Just wanted to say hi and share my experience so far as new to the group and to the SX. I bought a 1000 mile 2014 model just before Xmas. Love the bike generally but I have to be honest I am struggling a little bit with the handling. Bearing in mind that all of my riding so far has been on cold and wet/greasy UK winter roads, I have found a few slow speed issues. For example on the way home from work tonight the front tyre lost grip (again) momentarily on a very slow speed tight turn. This is very unnerving, esp on a new (to me) bike. I also find the bikes general handling at slower speeds a little unpredictable and the suspension to be very bouncy and soft, reacting to braking dramatically, the front diving more than I am used to. I guess the latter is down to set up but I am surprised at the effect it is giving....thoughts please if you can spare me a little time. Thanks Dave

        Ps as far as I am aware the tyres are OEM Bridgestones. Not impressed so far...how have others found them??

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          Well, I already have my love with me. I've missed you so much. I've needed you so much. You're the only one who knows what's in my head, you know coz my hands transmit it to you when I ride you, you know coz when we stop, I'll tell you everything .....

          Today I could only hear you, tomorrow we will feel each other again. There are so many things that I have to tell you ... it has been a long time without feeling us, without telling you my life, dark in some parts. You understand me and help me, you give me that peace that I need so many times. Others give me your fire that feeds mine and together we are the flame that burns the road melting gasoline without stopping, deposit after deposit, curve after curve

          We'll go to see Rafita, I'll make you roar my little girl, I want to call Rafita to come to see us, the other day I could not go and I have it nailed to the soul. I'll take the celestial music out of your akras, Rafita will hear it and come. We'll talk for a while, I'll ask once more to take care of us all.

          I'll put the case once more just to feel you, just to think of us my beautiful and faithful companion.

          And you will tell me how deep your love is ....

          Tomorrow I clean the helmet well, I'll wear the clothes slowly, I'll wear my boots slowly, I'll adjust the protections well, that biker ritual that after so long I'm wanting to feel again, I'll be thinking that I'll ride you back a long time ago, We are going to take care of ourselves, we have much to enjoy ....

          I did not say baby, this is our hymn, we are ... BONFIRE¡¡¡ that does not stop to burn gasoline!


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            Hi all — Kawasaki Z1000sX

            Hi all,

            Someone can help me with the Powerbronze windshield? What is the difference between BLACK or SMOKED? If you have this model, could you upload a photo? I would like to see a bit through the windshield. Thanks in advance (sorry my english, i'm from Spain and you know, a lot of good days to ride and don't learn english properly) :D

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              Hi, I have been reading the text below about the yoshimura r77 exhausts for Z1000SX, and I have one doubt, Is the model for 2013-2016 valid for 2017?. Is it compatible with OEM rear-side cases as you can read in the following descripion? Someone with these could be very useful.

              Signature SeriesThe popular R-77 offers outstanding performance, thanks to being developed in the heat of competition. It features a trapezoidal design, which allows a large volume of packing material and in turn delivers top performance with minimal sound increase. The R-77 muffler’s front cap is MIG-welded, while the end cap is riveted using high-end 304-L polished stainless steel rivets and bands.

              Compatible with OEM Rear-Side Cases

              Dual, Slip-On Muffler Configuration

              Superbike technology and styling

              Trapezoidal-shaped sleeve

              Large volume of packing material

              Straight baffle for ample flow

              Innovative end-cap

              Stainless steel tail-pipes

              http://www.yoshimura-rd.com/product/kawasaki-ninja -1000-exhaust-system-14160e0220.asp

              Thanks for your opinions

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                Ok it's been about 3 weeks since I've been out on it decided to fix my fairing and service the bike and clean it up abit it's still not perfect but so happy it's rideable again! I put my panniers back on new exhaust, flushed the coolent still a little polishing to do and a bit ac50! I asked a question about my indicators and I just put the rack on and they bend up abit but happy with and they can stay like that for now

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                  Evening guys need some Help Im looking for a textile 3 4 lenth motorcycle... — Kawasaki Z1000sX

                  Evening guys, need some Help! Im looking for a textile 3/4 lenth motorcycle jacket. It's needs to be fully waterproof ( English weather ) and at a good price. Can't include the gortex jackets as they are too expensive for my budget.

                  I nearly ordered the Oxford Montreal 2.0 Jacket in black afer reading good reviews but it seemed a bit short.

                  Any help or advice would be much appreciated.....Phil.

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