Photos from Rocky Zed's post — Kawasaki W650

I have a dilemma: I have room for only three motorcycles. With the arrival, yesterday, of the new baby (Harley Sportster 48), I now have four bikes, and one has to go. So, which of my three other bikes should I sell? I need to sell one of the following: Thruxton 900, W650, or my other W650?

P.S.: Don't buy four bikes when you only have room for three!

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    Beautiful day in South West Scotland today Took the W for a nice run along the... — Kawasaki W650

    Beautiful day in South West Scotland today. Took the W for a nice run along the coast road after fitting a new set of NGK Iridium plugs. Well, it seems the Dub doesn't like them very much and after 42 miles it started misfiring, went on to 1 cylinder and then cut out. No spark on either plug. Had to call the AA and ended waiting nearly 2 hours for them to arrive. Still at least I had a great view across the Solway to the Lake District. Put the old plugs back in when I got home and it started first touch and ran perfectly. Two lessons learned today, avoid iridium plugs and always keep a spare set of plugs under the seat ( I always do with all my other bikes).

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      This might be a stupid question but here goes — Kawasaki W650

      This might be a stupid question, but here goes ....

      AFAIK the W650 was withdrawn from sale because it didn't comply with changed emissions regulations. The current version of the W800 wouldn't comply with new regulations which will apply in a couple of years time. The regulations seems to be aimed at manufacturers and business sellers, not private sellers or users.

      But my car has to comply with an annual emissions test and if it fails I can't drive it. So what's the position with riding a W650 or W800, now or when E4 comes in?

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        Clean air system delete — Kawasaki W650

        Clean air system delete,

        I'm trying to save a bit of cash by not buying the new port covers and was going to replace the reed valves with a metal plate the same thickness.

        Has anyone done the same and what material was used?

        Wound aluminium be ok? Or would it melt with the heat? I think it's good for about 600 degrees c but not sure if it is suitable?

        Many thanks

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          Good afternoon to you all — Kawasaki W650

          Good afternoon to you all,

          I went for a ride on the W on Sunday in the freezing cold to breath some life back into the battery. This was my first ride this year! I've missed the thing.

          I will be doing the clean air system delete soon which is pretty easy by the looks of it.

          I am really tempted to look at getting POD filters installed on the carbs to remove the big air boxes.

          People who have done this, firstly is it worth it? Are there any drawbacks? And as I will be getting a garage to do it, rough cost for re jetting etc?


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            FOR SALE — Kawasaki W650

            FOR SALE

            Kawasaki W650 2001 custom Cafe racer.

            20,000 miles custom Manx Norton Alloy Tank & single seat, fitted rear sets and nice loud tulip pipes.

            Has new crank sensors, Lithium battery hagon rear shocks and Hagon progressive front springs. Handles brilliantly runs spot on in the dry (but fails on one cylinder when wet).

            Looking for £2000 OVNO location Cheshire UK

            Inbox for more info or interest.

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              Panniers — Kawasaki W650


              Thinking about getting a set for the dub, i wanted something that goes with the bike so possibly leather, I have a pannier rack on the bike already, any recommendations?


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                In an unprecedented twist of events I did the unthinkable — Kawasaki W650

                In an unprecedented twist of events, I did the unthinkable.

                Had my new top triple clamp sent to USA to cognitomoto to create two custom parts for me... one will be sold hereafter, as will the backup triple clamp. The objective is also for them to have a regular part for any W650 owner to buy and not cut the original tripleclamp... they are becoming scarce.

                Yeay! let's see how this all comes out!


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                  A very sad sight. Not a W to be seen in this photo. Storing one s motorcycle — Kawasaki W650

                  A very sad sight. Not a W to be seen in this photo. Storing one's motorcycle(s) for several months is not good for one's state of mind. In my case, I begin to frequent motorcycle dealers's showrooms, and I begin having wonderful fantasies about buying another motorcycle, just to keep me "up" for a few more snowy months. I start creating lists in my mind, calculating which vintage guitars I can live without so as to finance the purchase of a new Ducati, or BMW, or a nice vintage Triumph or Norton. I know it's irrational, and perhaps even a little irresponsible, but I need a fix! Yesterday I popped-in to have a look at my three bikes and give them a little TLC. It was me that needed the TLC, obviously. Saw my two W650s, and my Triumph, and those silly lists, and silly thoughts vapourized in a flash. With frozen fingers and a frozen butt (frigid handlebar grips and seats), I went back in the house. Once I re-aclimattized to the cozy warmth of my living roon, I played guitar for a few hours, and the next first-ride-of-Spring-on my W650 was just a little bit closer.

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                    Posted on the Kustom Kawasaki page too — Kawasaki W650

                    Posted on the Kustom Kawasaki page, too...

                    Hey guys - my sister is carrying a W650 gas tank for me, from Europe to the US, in a suitcase. Hopefully it's empty and aired out, but she received the tank with the cap in place and locked - she doesn't have the key. I don't want her risking baggage inspection with a sealed gas tank that cannot be opened and examined if required. I know the cap is easily removed once it's opened, so: if we cannot procure a copy of the key, what's the best way to open the cap? Drill out the lock? Just insert a big screwdriver and force it? Or would these steps just ruin the cap but make it harder still to open?

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                      Two questions — Kawasaki W650

                      Two questions:

                      1. When does W800 production ACTUALLY stop. Do we have a precise date?

                      2. Is there an appetite among Melbourne W650 and W800 owners for a ride close to that date, i.e. coffee at Healesville or another venue?

                      Once we get a date, then something could be put into place.

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                        Photos from Jack Linden's post — Kawasaki W650

                        New flip-up visor received from CYC this morning. Fits perfectly on the C500 and will look terrific while riding my W650...

                        I tested the visor on a quick ride on my beemer boxer... Great product, excellent quality especially in "light smoke", which allows good visibility even when overcast.


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                          Photos from Ken Foster's post — Kawasaki W650

                          OK...I've lived with the bike for one riding season. This was enough time to figure out what comes next. Suspension comes next. I've got this set of shock on the way. They are adjustable for pre-load, compression, and rebound. Re-charging the nitrogen is also pretty easy. They are ZRX shocks. Fork springs, spacer and oil are next on the list. Maybe a couple of adjustable caps too.

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                            I would like to thank you all for every comment she s alive i still have to... — Kawasaki W650

                            I would like to thank you all for every comment, she's alive! i still have to tweak a little bit the idle but it's an amazing feeling to have her running again, I think it's the first time I don't have to explain a feeling like this, you w people get it... no words needed, just thanks!

                            I bought it the same year that my mother died, she was running smoothly like a swiss watch, first owner didn't want it anymore and I was looking for a bike like this. I only rode it for a year and then tear it apart to make it my own. Two kids came after that and I didn't had any more time between kids and work. last year I quitted my job as a graphic designer and photographer and started building wooden furniture, then my head got cleared, started signpaqinting and and learning pinstriping... and now just like that she's alive again, I don't know what it means, all I know is that I feel great! Thanks again!

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                              Removing the egr valves — Kawasaki W650

                              Removing the egr valves

                              Just in the process of changing the 4 way t pipe and removing the butterfly valves

                              Rather than buying 2 new covers ive decided to either blank the inlet pipe or fit a tube ,or cut some flat aluminium plates and clamp under the covers

                              Has anyone found something off the shelf that will fit into the pipe inlets either a tube or 2 disc washers



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