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    Yamaha 1 Piece Motorbike Leather Racing Suit 2015 Model....

    Price: 350.00 US$ With Free Shipping To Worldwide....

    Item specifics

    Condition: New Tailor Made

    Brand: Rexan Leather Industry

    Country/Region of Manufacture: Pakistan

    Size: All Size Available & Custom Size (Option)

    Leather: Genuine Cowhide Mild Leather (1.3, 1.4 Thickness)

    External Protection Type: Original Titanium & TPU

    Internal Armor: CE Approved (Removable)

    Zippers: Original YKK

    Stitching: Double To Triple Safety Stitching

    Lining : 100% Mesh Lining

    Color: All Color Available & (Custom Color Option)

    Make: Motorbike

    Street/Off-Road: Moto Gp

    Product Type: Racing Suit

    Payment Terms :- PayPal , Bank Transfer , Western Union !

    Contact Information

    For More Information: Send Me Message Inbox.

    whats app & Viber: +92-337-8612912

    Email: info@rexanleather.com / rexanleather61@gmail.com

    Online Shop URL: www.rexanleather.com


    Long post sorry My husband and I are looking into trading in our R3 for a 2016... — Kawasaki Versys 650 Forum

    Long post; sorry! My husband and I are looking into trading in our R3 for a 2016 Versys 650 LT. We bought our R3 a year ago as my husbands first bike. Typically when he rides, we are riding together. That was not initially the plan...it was supposed to be his hobby! However, I enjoy riding, but do not enjoy driving, so getting me a bike is out of the question. Needless to say, the R3 does not do well two up nor it is meant for long distances. The seat is very uncomfortable, significant vibration, no backrest/handlebars, and there are almost no aftermarket items available for it. We like to travel a lot on the weekends (mostly within our state or the next state!) and the R3 does not do well with that. Financially, we are going to have to take a large 'hit' trading the R3....so it's a significant decision for us. Does anyone on here ride 2 up majority of the time? What about light touring (3 or 4 hours each way)? I would appreciate any feedback! Thanks!


    Photos from N-sho Dela Cruz's post — Kawasaki Versys 650 Forum

    Kawasaki Versys Pilipinas Ride and Camp, Magdalena Laguna Philippines, January 28 - 29, 2017.

    Magdalena was formerly a barrio of Majayjay, Laguna. A petition from the residents of the barrio for the creation of a new town was presented on September 15, 1819. It was proclaimed a new town by Governor General Don Mariano Fernández de Folgueras on January 18, 1820, and was originally named "Magdalena de Ambling". The name was derived from its patron saint Maria Magdalena and the barrio of Ambling where it was established.


    Hi to all from Greece Athens — Kawasaki Versys 650 Forum

    Hi to all from Greece, Athens.

    I have the Versys 650 MY2016 (7/2016 model) with 7200Km. I see that the calibers (all of them) leak break fluid. Please check your Versys 650 MY2015-2016 if has the same problem from calibers. I try to tighten the valve of caliber but the problem remain the same. Two same Versys 650 MY2016 from ""Kawasaki Versys Adventure Greece CLUB"" has the same problem. I think the problem it's general to all Versys 650 MY2015-2016.

    Please check you bikes and post what tou see.


    course language warning — Kawasaki Versys 650 Forum

    ***course language warning***

    I recommended a Kaw Versys to a new rider asking about what type of bike to look at for his first motorcycle. I basicly just stated how happy I am with mine. Another commentor replied with this statement:

    "Get a Versys if you wanna be like the dyke butch couple with matching bikes.... true story... Kawasaki couldnt even sell them they are so shitty"

    Seems ridiculous to me after all the reading of reviews I did before getting my bike and since. I just wondered if there is any validity to the claim that Kawasaki had issues selling them. I figured some of yall might have some insight. If so please comment. Thank you.