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Evening / Morning everyone. I love my Versys - no issue there. But... is anyone having any problems with vibration noise in the front fairing and dashboard. The shop put a small wedge near the light as a temporary measure but after having the front off to fit the accessories, the noise is still there. More annoying is a noise also around the speedometer and now a clonking noise somewhere near the ignition / dials whenever I go over a bump. Not major mechanical problems but distracting when riding. The shop have been great, no issues there but it would be easier all-round if I could sort it myself. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Cheers all. D


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Ragazzi stamattina una macchina ha "poggiato" sulla mia versys ed è abbattuta sul lato destro(Il bello è che non si è degnato di fermarsi ed è scappato).Fortunatamente si è rotto solo questa parte di carena perché il santo paramotore che ho fatto montare in concessionaria ha attutito la caduta. Qualcuno sa quanto mi può costare o se qualcuno possiede questa parte di carena? Il modello è del 2016 ABS


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I have a question for everyone.

I've been talking to a company about developing a switch for the high beam headlight so it would be on at a dimmed rate during low beam operation on 2015 -2017 versys bikes .

Anyone tired of "hey you have a headlight out "?

Let me know! Need your input!


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Je cherche un support de smartphone neuf (pour utiliser l'appli GPS) sur Versys 650.

Voici mes contraintes :

- écran 5,2 '

- support amovible à fixer sur le guidon

- étanche

Merci par avance pour votre retour d'expérience si vous utilisez quelque chose qui correspond à ce que je cherche. Pour l'instant, j'ai repéré un Givi et un Shad, mais il existe peut-être d'autres modèles intéressants.



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Strange thing happening - instrument cluster is dead...

I just started by versys 650 after a couple of weeks, it has been staying in the garage connected to the CTEK.

Today no of the instruments are working. No rpm, no speedo, no nothing. Everything else seems to work fine though.

When putting it on a charger everything worked, now it doesnt, makes me wonder if I can charge the battery while its still connected to the bike...

Any suggestions for what to check?


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Make your own luggage rack.

Bought a set of Givi luggage brackets and used an old plastic cutting board, cut the board with a saw drilled some places for straps or bungee cords and painted black.

Doesn't need to be perfect because it will be covered up with a tail bag.

Cost $34.... or you could buy one for $190